10 Best Quotes From Bridgerton Season 2

Alongside Bridgerton's captivating romances and intricate plot lines, there are some stellar quotes from the drama's second season.

Epic dramas like Downton Abbey and The Crown have been gaining immense popularity over the last decade. From flowing dresses to bittersweet romantic build-ups, these dramas have captivated audiences with their ingenious storytelling and penchant for scandal. Bridgerton is one such epic drama that has taken the television world by storm with the recent release of its second season.

Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton has risen to the top of audiences’ must-watch lists given its outstanding performances, captivating romances, and intricate plotlines that are connected in intricate ways and make a long-lasting impression on fans. Along with this, the dialogue adds to the beauty of Bridgerton.

10 “Love Is The Last Thing I Desire. But If My Children Are To Be Of Good Stock, Then Their Mother Must Be Of Impeccable Quality” – Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony Bridgerton has some controversial views on marriage, evidenced by the above quote. The Viscount Bridgerton puts his responsibility before himself. He shouldered great responsibility due to his father’s early passing.

He took it upon himself to fulfill the duties of the first-born male, growing up to be a man who puts his feelings aside and sides with logic and rationality. This attitude shows in his process of looking for a wife. Unfortunately, Anthony doesn’t see love as an essential part of a marriage.

“When You Are Invisible, You Have All The Amusement You Want Without Any Of The Expectations Popularity Brings. It Frees You” – Penelope Featherington

Penelope Featherington is the epitome of a wallflower, though she knows all too well that this comes with its own pros and cons. Always on the sidelines of any major incident or scandal, she has found her way around being invisible.

Talking about her choices to her best and only friend, Eloise Bridgerton, Penelope talks of the freeing nature of being invisible to everyone, leaving her to do whatever she pleases without any harsh scrutiny.

“Should We Not Value A Woman Instead For Her Candor, Her Character, Her True Accomplishments?” – Lady Whisteldown

Lady Whisteldown’s full quote is, “Is the entire practice of naming a diamond not, well, rather ridiculous? Should a woman not be valued for so much more than her dancing skills or her comportment? Should we not value a woman instead for her candor, her character, her true accomplishments?”

This quote refers to the Queen’s selection of the diamond, a tradition carried out across generations. This notion is challenged by Lady Whistledown in her published writing after Eloise points out the blatant objectification of women by women to Penelope.

“You Said You Wanted To Shake Up The Season, Now’s Your Chance” – Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury knows exactly how to please the Queen and keep her amused. Lady Danbury takes Miss Kate Sharma and Miss Edwina Sharma, the eligible daughters of Lady Mary Sheffield, under her wing.

She proposes that the Queen pick Miss Edwina as the season’s diamond to stir things up. Pulling the Queen’s strings is no easy task, but Lady Danbury does it easily with a hint of flattery and mischief.

‘The World Is Not Exactly Welcoming To An Unmarried Woman. There Seems To Be No Place In Society For Us Except At The Edge Of Things – Kate Sharma

It’s rare in Bridgerton, or other period dramas like it, to find a happily single woman. Women, at the time, were expected to marry eligible men and conceive children. Eloise Bridgerton considers being a spinster and not marrying anyone just for the sake of it.

She asks Kate Sharma how it is to be a single woman past her “prime” marrying age to gain some perspective regarding a prospective future she might have. Kate answers her truthfully, laying bare a cruel world’s brutal treatment of unmarried women.

“If You Would Simply Open Your Eyes To Those That Are In Front Of You, Then You Might See There Are Those In Your Life That Already Make You Happy” – Lady Crane

The above quote from Lady Crane is profound and honest. When Colin Bridgerton comes back from his trip to Greece, he goes to see his old flame Marina Thompson (who is now Lady Crane).

Colin is still very much hung up on Marina. Marina sets rigid boundaries and asks Colin to come out of it, look around himself and notice the many people who care for and love him.

“I Know I Am A Disappointment To You So Allow Me To Take My Leave And Go To Bed” – Eloise Bridgerton

Like Sybill Crawley from Downton Abbey and Jo from Little Women, Eloise Bridgerton is a radical feminist who believes that women are more than just breeding stock and arm candy. Although Eloise struggles to find her place, she is a breath of fresh air in Bridgerton.

She is introduced to society in Bridgerton’s second season. She refuses to engage in mindless banter with prospective suitors and lashes out at a poser. Because she is upset with her mother, she storms out of the party.

“When Your Body And Soul Feel As If They Could Burst Into Flames Whenever The Two Of You Are Near” – Daphne Bridgerton-Basset

Daphne Bridgerton-Basset details how one can tell that they have met their life partner with the line, “The one that makes it impossible for you to look away from them at any given moment. When your body and soul feel as if they could burst into flames whenever the two of you are near.”

Daphne Bridgerton married for love. She sees her brother, Anthony, struggling with choosing between his feelings and his duty towards the family. She urges Anthony to follow his heart and choose love. She explains what true love feels like and hopes her brother makes the right choice.

“I Am Your Queen” – Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte has many iconic lines in Bridgerton, her most notable from season 2 being the line, “I am your Queen, but I suppose even I must recognize the importance of each person deciding what to do in the face of true love. Everyone deserves to make that choice just as everyone deserves to feel its power.”

Queen Charlotte is the revered monarch and the most powerful person when it comes to selecting the best of the best during a season. However, she too yields in the face of true love. While she loves her power, she is human after all.

“I Was Sharpening My Knives. For All Of You” – Lady Whistledown

In season 2, Lady Whistledown comes back after a hiatus. She starts publishing about the season this year and takes to her quill and parchment to expose the dirty underbelly of the British high-class aristocrats and their poorly-kept secrets.

Be it the members of posh society or newcomers for the season, Lady Whistledown doesn’t discriminate between the subjects of her writings. From calling out the Queen on her misogynistic views to subjecting her best friend to shame, Lady Whistledown knows how to play dirty.

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