10 Largest Pokemon In The Series, Ranked By Size

Most legendary Pokémon are obvious contenders for being the most massive, but they're not the only ones who sit in those lofty ranks.

Not all Pokémon in the Pokémon series are known for their extraordinary stats. Some are recognized for their enormous size. Most legendary Pokémon are obvious contenders for being the most massive, but they’re not the only ones who sit in those lofty ranks.

With the ability to Mega Evolve Pokémon, some originals are able to increase in size and strength even more. While all Pokémon are important to the series and are shown to be fundamental to the main character’s stories, some of the largest Pokémon are the ones who stand out.

10 The School Form Wishiwashi

The school form of Wishiwashi is formed of multiple smaller solo Wishiwashis to make one giant fish like Pokémon. The first time this Pokémon is shown in the series is in episode 33 season 20: “Big Sky, Small Fry,” when the main characters, Ash and Lana, head out to Brooklet Hill in search of a Totem Pokémon. When they arrive at the lake, they encounter an injured solo Wishiwashi and bandage it back to health, which allows them to release it safely into the water. Unknown to them, the solo Wishiwashi joined together with others of its kind and became the school form of Wishiwashi: the Totem Pokémon Ash and Lana were looking for.

Onix, One Of The Originals

Onix is one of the original 151 Pokémon from the series and made its first appearance in the first episode, “Pokémon – I Choose You!” Onix is shown in the first scene of the episode making his debut on TV during a battle between two trainers.

The announcer even introduces this phenomenal rock Pokémon as a “giant Pokémon.” Not only is Onix one of the originals and one of the first to make an appearance in the show, but he’s also Brock’s Pokémon, who’s one of the original main characters.

Steelix, The Steel Form Of Onix

Steelix shows up in season 5, episode 15, “Nerves Of Steelix,” as the Pokémon of the gym leader of the Olivine Gym, Jasmine. Immediately showing off its immense strength, it hits a giant metal Wobbuffet carrying Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth into the ocean. Right after the confrontation with Team Rocket, Ash is set to battle the gym leader, Jasmine, for the mineral badge. Ash sends out his Pikachu to go up against Jasmine’s Steelix, which proves ineffective considering Steelix’s hardened body can deflect electric-type moves, resulting in Jasmine winning the round and Pikachu having to retreat.

The Ultra Beast Pokémon Celesteela

In episode 25 of season 21, “Rise And Shine, Starship!” one of the students from the Pokémon School, Sophocles, is camping under the stars in Bamboo Hill with his parents. While there, he stumbles upon what legend calls, “The Celestial Starship.” Once Sophocles convinces his friend to go with him to take a look at the mysterious creature, they realize they may have discovered an Ultra Beast and decide that they need to alert the Ultra Guardians to confirm its existence. With Celesteela being discovered, many people, good and bad, want to capture it and keep this magical beast for themselves; however, Sophocles is determined to help it get back to its home.

The Primal Version Of Kyogre

The primal form of Kyogre first appeared in the Pokémon special Mega Evolution Special 3, which follows the protagonist Alain and his Mega Charizard X during their journey to defeat every known Mega-Evolved Pokémon.

During this journey and following the disappearance of the Giant Rock, Alain follows another skilled trainer named Steven to Devon Corporation’s headquarters in Rustlboro City. Here, Alain hears of the story of Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon and how they fought for the power that this mysterious rock contained, causing the expansion of the lands and seas.

Steelix’s Mega Evolution

Mega Steelix is the first Pokémon owned by a main character that uses Mega Evolution, as seen in episode 43, season 20: “When Regions Collide!” This is where all the students from the Pokémon School take a trip to the Cerulean Gym where the leader Misty resides along with the former gym leader of the Pewter Gym, Brock. Brock goes against the student Kiawe, with Brock choosing his Steelix and Kiawe choosing his Turatonator. When it seems the battle couldn’t get more intense with a steel-type Pokémon vs. fire-type Pokémon, Kiawe makes use of his Z-moves and Brock surprises everyone when he uses his Mega Evolution key on Steelix.

Legendary Mega Rayquaza

On The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel, their 9th episode titled “The Scoop,” introduces Mega Rayquaza in its debut. After the Hoenn region miraculously avoids destruction from the Grand Meteor Delta, a reporter Gabby and her Cameraman Ty are looking around for information on how and what destroyed this meteor. While snooping around, they discover the file containing the video of a trainer riding a Pokémon through the meteor. The Pokémon is identified as Mega Rayquaza. The video from the file ends with a short fight between Mega Rayquaza and a mysterious Pokémon that formed from the meteor and was later captured by the unknown trainer.

Exeggutors Alolan Form

The Alolan version of Exeggutor first appeared on Treasure Island in episode 20, season 20, “Partner Promises!” In this episode, Ash and Pikachu take a trip to Treasure Island, which is located across the water from Melemele Island where they encounter many Pokémon they’ve never seen before. They’re eventually led to a group of Alolan Exeggutors that let them join in on their activities, where they play, eat, and swim together. After a long day of fun, Ash comes across a stuck Wimpod and struggles to find a way to get it out safely. Fortunately for Ash, the friendship he created with the Alolan Exeggutor proved to be useful, as they come along to help Ash rescue the poor Pokémon.

The Gental Giant, Wailord

The large whale Pokémon, Wailord, shows up in episode 34 season 6, “Having A Wailord Of A Time!” The main character, May, comes across a poor beached Wailord and contacts Nurse Joy for help. After giving aid and a clean bill of health to the Wailord, Nurse Joy and May return to the PokeCenter where Ash and Max are waiting for them.

Unfortunately, their work isn’t over as they hear the cries of the Wailord in distress due to being lifted into the air by none other than Team Rocket. Thankfully, Team Rocket’s antics were no match for the Pokémon Combusken, who uses its swift kick to sever the ropes holding Wailord so it drops back into the sea.

The Gigantic Eternatus

The largest Pokémon in the series is the legendary Pokémon, Eternatus, who first appeared (briefly) in episode 12 season 23: “Flash Of The Titans!” The main characters, Ash and Goh, are on a plane headed to the World Coronation Series to watch and learn from the best trainers from around the world as they battle for the top spot. During Ash and Goh’s plane ride, they experience what seems to be a technical difficulty until Ash looks out of his window. At that moment, Ash sees a long snake-like figure moving past the plane while emitting electrical waves, giving him yet another mysterious Pokémon to find out more about.

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