10 Most Iconic Hats In Anime

A character's outfit is an essential part of their design in any anime, and these characters' hats complete their looks.

The fashion of the anime world can be pretty out there, and might leave some viewers wondering how the characters function. Some characters have outfits that don’t really cover much when they’re fighting, or have an item in their wardrobe that doesn’t make sense. Either way, though, they still look cool and make them fun to cosplay.

Some characters in the anime sport some unique, recognizable hats as part of their signature looks. The hats are mostly for aesthetic purposes, but these characters’ hats have become iconic for bringing the whole look together, or being important to the character whose head they rest on.

10 Alucard’s Wide-Brimmed Red Fedora (Hellsing)

Alucard is pretty stylish for a vampire who is a vampire hunter. His wide-brimmed red fedora would probably look silly on anyone else, but it helps add to his cool look. If he’s standing in the shadows, it helps make him look intimidating and adds an air of mystery around him. Overall, the hat fits his overall aesthetic, and the color makes him stand out among the rest of the characters.

It’s when Alucard doesn’t have his hat is when his enemies should really fear for their lives. It shows that he’s getting a little more serious, and he has absolutely no mercy when fighting them.

Esdeath’s General Cap (Akame Ga Kill)

When looking at Esdeath’s uniform without the hat, she doesn’t exactly look like a general in the military. Her outfit looks great on her, but it doesn’t exactly tell people she’s a general. However, the hat adds an air of authority around her. She looks like a woman in charge, and not someone to mess with.

Of course, it really doesn’t matter what Esdeath wears, because she’s one of the most fearsome warriors in the anime world. Maybe the hat isn’t as iconic as Esdeath herself, but it does help add power and strength to her overall look.

Ash Ketchum’s First Cap (Pokemon)

There has been one constant about Ash’s looks over the years: he always has a cap. While he has had a few different ones, the very first cap he wore at the beginning of the series stands out and is pretty iconic. It’s pretty simple in its design, being red and white with a stylized L on it, but Ash really wanted this hat. It stands out from the rest of his wardrobe since he mostly wears blue-colored clothing.

He got it after sending, in his own words, “a million postcards” to get it when the Pokemon League were doing a giveaway. Even Misty admitted she wanted the hat too, but only sent in one postcard.

Tuxedo Mask’s Top Hat (Sailor Moon)

The Sailor Scouts are iconic on their own and for good reason, but Tuxedo Mask is pretty iconic too. True to his name, he dresses up in a tuxedo and has a mask on, but what also stands out is his top hat. He looks like a magician one might see at an amusement park, but Tuxedo Mask is far from that.

Not many can pull off wearing this getup without looking silly, but Tuxedo Mask manages to pull it off. Even though his top hat is a little on the long side, it still looks good and adds to his already great height.

Solf J. Kimblee’s White Fedora (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

After getting out of prison, Kimblee opted to wear a white suit with a matching white fedora. It’s a little ironic to see a man, who’s utterly sadistic and committed mass murder during the Ishvalan War, wear this color since white is usually seen as representing innocence. Yet somehow, it just fits him perfectly because of his bloody past, which he’s not hiding from.

Overall, Kimblee cleans up well and looks very dapper. If no one knows who he is, he just looks like a well-dressed and sophisticated gentleman. Plus, he just looks awesome as he tips his hat to Edward and Pride as he disappears within the souls in Pride’s Philosopher’s Stone.

Megumin’s Witch Hat (KonoSuba)

She’s loud, eccentric, and loves making things around her explode. Megumin puts most of her points into destructive power and loves boasting about it. Even though she tends to use it all up rather quickly, at least she looks good doing so. Her witch’s hat is pretty cute and simple in its design. It sort of looks like her hat has a face on it and a yellow tip that almost looks like a tail.

The colors perfectly match up with the rest of her outfit, but no one would suspect her of loving explosions since she looks so innocent. Even with the darker colors, Megumin’s appearance doesn’t look intimidating, but she’ll be quick to prove why others should fear her.

The Kage’s Hat (Naruto)

This hat is iconic in the Naruto series because of the power it symbolizes. Only the current Kages of their respective villages have this hat and wear it while on duty. One of the most memorable characters to wear this hat is the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Most of his appearances showed him doing his job as Hokage, and he was usually wearing this hat along with his Hokage robe.

Other Kage, like Gaara and Tsunade, have also been seen wearing the hat, mostly for important gatherings. Naruto fans were thrilled to see Naruto finally don the hat and officially become the Seventh Hokage at the end of the series. It didn’t just symbolize the power and responsibility of Hokage, but showed that Naruto never gave up on his dream to achieve the position despite the odds stacked against him.

Koro-Sensei’s Tiny Academic Hat (Assassination Classroom)

When first looking at Koro-Sensei, it’s really hard to not look at his face because it looks creepy and out of place. It’s enough that some might not notice the rest of his wardrobe, which consists of an academic gown and a little academic hat. Compared to the size of his head, the hat is just so small and cute, and looks very silly on him.

Despite its small size, Koro-Sensei wouldn’t look the same without it, and his outfit wouldn’t look complete. The hat itself doesn’t really do anything like shading his eyes, but its tiny size just makes it fun to look at.

Monkey D. Luffy’s Straw Hat (One Piece)

If there is one thing about Luffy that will probably never change, it’s his straw hat. He’s had this hat since before the beginning of the series, and it has become iconic. Luffy’s nickname is “Straw Hat Luffy,” he and his pirate crew are known as the Straw Hat Pirates, and their symbol has the straw hat on it. Even with all of his outfit changes, Luffy is seldom seen without his signature hat.

Even his crew knows how much the hat means to him, and Nami has repaired it a few times when it’s been damaged. The hat itself is pretty plain, being just a straw hat with a red ribbon around it, but it proves that something doesn’t need to be extravagant to be iconic.

Jotaro Kujo Visored Cap (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

Jotaro is one of most iconic characters in the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series for so many reasons. One of the reasons happens to be how he looks compared to other characters, which is saying something since a lot of them have iconic looks as well. One of Jotaro’s notable features is his cap, which is torn off at the back and makes it tough to see where it ends and his hair begins.

Though the series is full of colorful characters, Jotaro stands out thanks to his hat. Not only does it look cool, but it fits with his overall darker aesthetic. The accessories on it are simple yet ornate, and add a little something to his look.

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