10 Shows To Watch After You’ve Finished Bridgerton

While waiting for season three to come out on Netflix, Bridgerton fans will find enjoyment in similar TV shows.

With two seasons on Netflix, Bridgerton has earned critical and commercial acclaim since its release in 2020. Following the wealthy Bridgerton family in Regency London, one of the many appealing things about Bridgerton is that it offers a good mix of genres and themes for fans to enjoy. While being a period piece, Bridgerton is a fun, dramatic, and romantic story.

Instead of staring into the bleak abyss while waiting for season three to drop next year, fans should check out other bingeworthy shows. While they won’t be exactly the same as Bridgerton, there’s no mistaking the spark that similar shows possess.

10 Downton Abbey’s Crawley Family Is Lovable

Downton Abbey is a masterpiece and the ideal TV show for fans of period dramas. Set during the early 20th century, this British drama focuses on the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants as they fight to adapt to the changing times.

Fans who start watching Downton Abbey should get ready for plenty of high society drama, beautiful romance, tragic heartbreak, and the hilarious Dame Maggie Smith. There’s a good reason why Downton Abbey became an instant classic upon its release, and Bridgerton fans would do well to check it out.

The Great Is Creative Television

Bridgerton isn’t afraid to get creative and even silly with its portrayal of England’s Regency era, and The Great is even more imaginative. The Great is a satirical drama focusing on Catherine the Great, and fans forgive its historical inaccuracies because it’s so entertaining to watch.

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in this fun period piece, and their quirky and absurd antics are hilarious to watch. Labeled a comedy-drama, The Great expertly mixes the two genres and captivates audiences with its wit and sharp dialogue.

Gossip Girl (2007) Features A Gossip Column Similar To Lady Whistledown’s

Fans of Lady Whistledown’s hot gossip and secret identity will love getting to know the Upper East Side’s version. Serena Van de Woodsen was Blake Lively’s breakthrough role, and Kristen Bell provides the voice of the titular gossip queen.

Drama abounds throughout the six seasons of Gossip Girl as it follows the lives of extremely privileged teens in Manhattan. While not set during the Regency era like Bridgerton, the characters’ fashion is equally immaculate in each series.

Outlander Is Historical Romance At Its Finest

Set in 18th-century Scotland, Outlander should be at the top of Bridgerton fans’ watch lists. The passionate love story between the main characters, Claire and Jamie, is the main draw of Outlander and is reminiscent of Kate and Anthony’s romance.

Outlander seamlessly blends romance, action, adventure, and fantasy, much like how Bridgerton combines genres. For fans of captivating storylines, well-written characters, and expert direction, Outlander will fill the hole that’s left by the conclusion of Bridgerton’s second season. The historical drama has gained immense popularity.

Grey’s Anatomy Follows Life At A Hospital

Another one of Shonda Rhimes’ hit shows, Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running medical TV drama, and it’s still going. The series follows Dr. Meredith Grey as she starts her medical career as an intern.

While the medical stories are interesting, the romance, drama, and characters keep viewers coming back for more. There are many couples to root for and wonderful friendships between the characters, with hilarious and heartbreaking moments in every episode. Grey’s Anatomy has got something for everyone.

Sanditon Is No Sleepy Seaside Village

British historical dramas rarely ever disappoint, and Sanditon is no different. Just like BridgertonSanditon is set during the Regency era, but this time in a small seaside town. Although, the small-town setting doesn’t stop the show from providing fans with dramatic storylines. Sanditon’s characters give fans plenty of scandal, secrets, and scheming.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s final and unfinished novel, Sanditon is also perfect for fans of Austen’s other classics like Pride And Prejudice and Sense And Sensibility. Viewers will love rooting for the main character and heroine as she moves to Sanditon and becomes immersed in all that the town has to offer.

The Tudors Captivates Viewers From The Start

Showtime’s The Tudors is a historical drama that’s perfect for fans of Bridgerton. Audiences will recognize prominent historical figures like Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, but they’ve likely never seen them portrayed in such an intriguing light.

During The Tudors’ four action-packed seasons, audiences are gifted court drama, political intrigue, betrayals, and plenty of romance. Though it isn’t known for its historical accuracy, it does a great job giving audiences a look into Henry VIII’s life and many wives.

Reign Perfectly Mixes Romance And Court Intrigue

Loosely based on historical events, Reign focuses on the French court during the late sixteenth century. It follows the life of Mary, Queen of Scots as she navigates court life, romance, friendships, and even some mystical elements.

Reign is almost worth watching for the fashion and costume design alone, but its binge-worthy qualities will keep audiences glued to the screen. While Reign certainly takes liberties with historical accuracy, it’s extremely entertaining and packed full of drama.

Harlots Takes A Different Approach To Period Dramas

Many British period dramas focus on society’s elite and court intrigue. Harlots turns that narrative on its head and shows audiences a grittier view of 18th century London.

The series ran for three seasons and follows brothel owner Margaret Wells as she works to build a better future for her daughters. Margaret finds herself in direct competition with a rival brothel owner, giving room for plenty of drama and scandal.

Scandal Is As Scandalous As Its Name Suggests

Shonda Rhimes knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating hit TV shows, and Scandal is up there with the best of them. Though not a period drama like Bridgerton, fans will find themselves immediately engaged by the drama and scheming that Olivia Pope gets up to in Washington D.C.

Scandal is a political thriller and demonstrates that American politics can be just as compelling as the world of aristocracy. There are love triangles, murders, cover-ups, and much more. It’s a wild ride with plenty of romance throughout.

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