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Better Call Saul: 10 Unanswered Questions From Breaking Bad That The Spin-Off Answers

Better Call Saul has made good use of several characters from Breaking Bad. As a result, it has managed to answer several questions from the flagship.

Breaking Bad‘s prequel Better Call Saul is still yet to match the hype and legacy of its predecessor, but when it comes to critical acclaim, the two shows are equal. The spinoff never misses out of the Emmys each year and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has an impressive score of 97%.

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Despite the drug trade only being a secondary subject—behind the main subject which is the Law profession—Better Call Saul has made good use of several characters from Breaking Bad. As a result, it has managed to answer several questions that fans had about the world of Walter White.

Why Is Jimmy Called Saul?

Better call Saul zodiac Jimmy McGill Cropped

The smart-talking lawyer Saul Goodman was introduced in Season 2 of Breaking Bad as a criminal lawyer. He would soon grow to be one of the most fascinating characters in the show thanks to his one-liners. But Saul wasn’t his real name, so what happened?

Saul’s real name is Jimmy McGill.The prequel revealed that Jimmy felt he needed a new name to use in his new career of shooting commercials after he was briefly suspended from practicing law. He thus settled on the name Saul Goodman which is a twist to the phrase, “It’s all good, man!”

How Dirty Was Peter Schuler?

Madrigal boss Peter Schuler tries a new recipe in Breaking Bad

Peter Schuler was in charge of the Fast Food Department at Madrigal Electromotive Gmb, the company that had invested in Los Polos Hermanos. When Gus was killed by Hector’s bomb, Schuler committed suicide by sticking wires from an automated external defibrillator in heart and mouth, thus dying from the current.

Why did he kill himself? Apparently, he wasn’t just another corporate executive who thought Gus was a restaurant owner. In fact, he was a big part of Gus’ operation. In the Better Call Saul episode titled “JMM,” Gus met up with Lydia and Schuler in a hotel suite where he lamented about delays in constructing the Meth Superlab. He also revealed that he had funded the lab’s construction too.

Why Is Hector Salamanca On A Wheelchair?

Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca and Tony Dalton as Lalo in Better Call Saul

In Breaking Bad‘s second season, Tuco brought Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to his hideout where his uncle Hector was also residing. He then told them how The Cousins were coming to take them all to Mexico, something which didn’t sit right with Jesse and Walter. But why was Hector in a wheelchair?

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In Better Call Saul‘s Season 3 finale, Hector got a heart attack that left him in a poor condition where he eventually needed a wheelchair. This happened because his nephew Nacho switched his heart medication with Ibuprofen. Nacho wanted to protect his father was being intimidated by Hector. He could have gotten better but his archenemy Gus decided to discontinue his treatment.

Why Is Saul A Crooked Lawyer?

Skyler and Walt meet Saul to discuss money laundering ideas in Breaking Bad

Saul and Walt cross paths in Breaking Bad because he is a dirty lawyer. But how did he end up dealing with criminals? The prequel revealed that crime was always in him. Saul was actually a criminal, to begin with, but after being saved from serving jail time by his brother Chuck, he decided to turn his life around.

Chuck offered him a job as a parcel delivery at his law firm but when Saul showed the desire to become a lawyer, Chuck began resenting him. He felt that the Law profession was sacred and it didn’t deserve people like Saul. After trying to be decent but failing, due to obstacles placed by Chuck, Saul resorted to doing things the crooked way.

How Did Mike And Gus Meet?

Gus and Mike in Better Call Saul

Mike proved to be a loyal henchman to Gus Fring for the most part of Breaking Bad. It was also mentioned that he was a former cop. So, how did a drug lord and a former law enforcement officer come to like each other so much? Better Call Saul had the answers.

After Hector threatened Mike’s family, Mike tried to kill him. Gus found out and requested him not to because he still wanted to see Hector suffer. Mike then learned that Gus was laundering money through the restaurant and requested him to launder money for him too. Gus, in return, asked Mike to come work for him.

Saul Mentioned Nacho… Who Was He?

Don Eladio and Nacho toasting in Better Call Saul

Audiences were first introduced to Saul when he was kidnapped by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. He thought they were cartel members. He even believed one of the kidnappers was a man named Nacho so he addressed him by name as he begged for mercy.

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Audiences never got to know who Nacho was until he showed up in the Better Call Saul episode titled “Mijo.” Tuco had tasked him with taking Saul out to the desert after kidnapping him. He ended up working for Hector Salamanca as well.

Why Is Mike So Devoted To His Granddaughter?

Mike adored his daughter Kaylee very much. He was protective over her and despite leading a very busy life, he often spared a few hours to watch over Kaylee. But his wasn’t just him being a good grandfather. There was a reason behind his actions.

Better Call Saul showed audiences that Mike was indirectly responsible for the death of Kaylee’s father Matt. Mike convinced Matt that there was nothing wrong with being a dirty cop, so Matt got involved with bad guys who ended up killing him. Mike thus felt guilty and vowed to always take care of Matt’s daughter.

Why Is Gus’ Hatred For Hector So Deep?

Gus taunts Hector before they both get blown in Breaking Bad

Part of the reason was explained in Breaking Bad. Hector killed Gus’ partner during Gus’ early days as a drug dealer. He had gone to pitch an idea to Don Eladio that involved making him a partner in their methamphetamine business but Hector (who was Don Eladio’s henchman) turned the whole meeting bloody.

Better Call Saul also explained that Hector didn’t stop after that. He continued coming after Gus. He would storm Los Polos Hermanos and intimidate Gus’ employees. He was also resentful about Gus being given more priority by Don Eladio hence the animosity grew.

Why Did Gus Hire Gale As His Meth Cook?

Gus talks to Gale about becoming the new cook

After Gus made a deal with Walt, he partnered him with Gale who had already been cooking meth for him. But what led Gus to hire Gale? Gus was sponsoring Gale’s education and when he visited his chemistry lab on the UNM campus. Gale tried to prove to him that he could cook meth.

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Gus never knew Gale had this kind of knowledge. But despite being impressed, he was reluctant to get him in the drug trade since he wanted Gale to be a decent professional. Gus later changed his mind and hired Gale after realizing he’d have a hard time finding a better cook.

Was Krazy-8 Always A Major Meth Distributor?

Krazy-8 in Breaking Bad

At the beginning of Breaking Bad, Krazy-8 was introduced as a major meth distributor in Albuquerque. Jesse even tried to sell Walt’s new product to him but he captured Jesse instead and forced him to take him to Walt.

But Krazy-8 wasn’t always a top dog. He was working under Tuco. In the Better Call Saul episode titled “Gloves Off,” Krazy-8 was first seen delivering cash to Tuco. He was profusely sweating as Tuco counted the money.Krazy-8 would later work under Nacho too.

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