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Attack On Titan’s Falco Was Inspired By Breaking Bad’s Jesse

Attack On Titan's Falco is a fan favorite from the anime series but some fans may not know he was inspired by Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman.

Attack On Titan’s Falco Grice was actually inspired by none other than Jesse Pinkman from Breaking BadAttack On Titan is a manga created by Hajime Isayama that has proven insanely popular since it debuted back in 2009. The broad strokes of the story sees mankind retreating behind walls to protect themselves from giant, flesh-eating monsters dubbed “Titans.” Followers of the manga and its subsequent anime adaptation will know there’s much more to the plot than that, with the franchise being rich in great characters, lore and gory demises.

Attack On Titan has also spawned video games, toys and even two live-action movies in Japan, which were both released in 2015. An English language live-action remake is also in the works, with The Flash’s Andy Muschietti currently set to direct. The anime is set to end its run with season 4, with the first half of this final season finishing its run in early 2021. The second half is expected to air in Winter 2022.

Attack On Titan season 4 introduced manga character Falco Grice, an Eldian Warrior candidate with the Marley government. Falco has a brother named Colt, and when the season starts Falco’s in line to inherit the power of the Armored Titan. Despite being shown as somewhat meek during battle, Falco is also brave when he has to be and kind, even to soldiers on the other side. He’s a complicated character in both the manga and anime and in a blog post, Hajime Isayama revealed he was inspired by Breaking Bad’s Jesse (Aaron Paul).

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On the surface, there’s not much to link Breaking Bad and Attack On Titan together, though the Falco and Jesse connections are there for those who dig a little deeper. As Breaking Bad wore on Jesse became increasingly more cynical and hardened, though underneath he still carried the weight of his various traumas and always tried to do the right thing. Falco is the same, with his darker outlook on the war at odds with his being – at his core – a compassionate character.

Their trusting nature is also abused by the mentors, with Walter White often misleading or manipulating Jesse, while Eren Yeager does the same to Falco for his own ends. Jesse went through a lot of trials on the show though finally earned something of a happy ending with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, so hopefully, things will work out for Falco Grice when Attack On Titan season 4 comes to a close.

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