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Breaking Bad: 10 Friendships That Should Have Happened

Many of Breaking Bad's characters may seem friendly but a true friendship never really develops and sometimes great opportunities are missed entirely.

The Breaking Bad universe is cruel, uncaring, and deadly. Relationships among criminals are primarily based on trust, mutual interests, and fear of repercussions; there is no room for love and compassion. Even family members harbored terrible secrets from one another and resorted to lying in order to keep their lives under control.

With an exception of Jesse’s youthful crew, there were essentially no real friendships on the show. Some did, however, form curious bonds that kind of resembled friendships for a minute: Walt and Gus certainly hit it off in season 3, but we all know how that ended. Even though it’s highly unrealistic that friendships among enemies or absolute strangers could be forged, we still find ourselves wishing that certain characters would cross paths.

Mike And Hank

Hank and Steve Interrogating Mike about Gus Fring's operations

It would be fun to see Mike and Hank form a friendly bond, but unfortunately, their paths never crossed in any substantial way. Besides, Mike is not the kind of a man who would be interested in making friends.

Mike and Hank have a lot in common: Mike used to be a beat cop, while Hank was a DEA agent. They were both excellent at their jobs, even though Hank probably felt like a failure for not realizing that Heisenberg was hiding in plain sight all along. Mike could surely teach Hank a thing or two about working in a more collected and calm manner.

Walter Jr. And Jesse

Jesse and Walter Jr. in Breaking Bad

Most characters in Breaking Bad crossed paths at some point, but curiously enough, Walter Jr. and Jesse never did. While Junior is Walt’s son, Jesse is Heisenberg’s. It would be interesting to see these two interact – it almost happened on several occasions.

The former is protected from the harsh realities of the world and shown lots of affection, while the latter is a victim of constant bullying and belittling. But at least he got to know what kind of a man Walt truly was; his own son only met the facade.

Andrea And Mike

Jesse, Andrea, and Brock in Breaking Bad

Since Mike’s family consisted of his late son’s widow and their daughter, it would be great if he also protected Andrea and Brock with the same zeal. Andrea really didn’t need to die and poor Brock will probably be haunted for the rest of his life.

Andrea was so young and naive. Even though Jesse did his best to protect her, he made some mistakes along the way. Mike would never allow such mistakes to happen. Besides, he had a soft spot for single moms with financial issues.

Ted And Marie

marie and ted on breaking bad

Skyler acted like a saint in season 1, but after her son started rejecting her for wanting nothing to do with Walt anymore, she cracked as well. Even though Skyler has a ton of redeeming qualities, for example, she is a good mother considering all the mess, she used Ted to feel better about herself. She never had an intention to include him in her life – she could’ve told Marie about him when their affair began, but it didn’t.

Ted and Marie would probably make good friends because they both wanted the very best for Skyler. Not to mention they both suffered horrible tragedies by the end, even though they weren’t directly involved in the main story.

Hank And Saul Goodman

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill Saul Goodman and Dean Norris as Hank Schrader in Better Call Saul

Hank and Saul Goodman’s paths crossed before Breaking BadBetter Call Saul foreshadowed the events of the show in several ways. We learned about how Krazy-8 became a DEA informant. Since Saul was working for the Salamancas, Krazy-8 was very much his business. Hank and Saul didn’t particularly like each other because they weren’t allies, but just imagine the banter that would transpire between these two if they were to become friends.

Hank and Gomey had an endearing relationship like that: they clearly cared about each other and they showed it by making fun of one another.

Marie And Gus

Gus was great at making friends; he even had the whole DEA fooled into thinking that he is always on their side. He met Marie when he came to the hospital after Hank was attacked by the Salamanca cousins. Imagine Marie went on to befriend the drug lord: she always had an amazing intuition, so she would definitely have had a hunch something was off with the seemingly perfect Chicken Man.

It’s a shame Marie was but a supporting character who had no effect on the main storyline. It was her who connected Jesse with Walt – if only somebody took her seriously.

Lydia And Skyler

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the female anti-hero and the female villain get along? They had a lot of things in common they could discuss: they both carried a burden of huge responsibilities. They both helped criminals: Skyler protected Walt, while Lydia worked with Gus.

Another reason why it would be interesting to see Lydia and Skyler interact is that Lydia is not that much different from the Walt we met back in the pilot episode. She always tried her best to hide how nervous she was and she refused to get her hands dirty. She only wanted to reap the rewards in being in the cut-throat meth business.

Jane And The Group Leader

jane and the group leader i breaking bad

Jane and Jesse one of the show’s most beloved, yet unsuccessful couples. Their romance transpired in season 2. After Combo’s death, Jesse was feeling as low as ever. He hooked up with his cute neighbor Jane with whom Jesse tried heroin and quickly became a junkie.

Jane died because Walt knew that if he saves her life right there and then when she was choking in front of him, Jesse would continue to be with her, which would definitely not end well. Too bad Jane didn’t survive that night: she and the Narcotics Anonymous group leader would make for great friends. That friendship could have saved Jane’s life.

Walt And Hank

Walt and Hank drunk together at his birthday party in Breaking Bad

Hank thought that Walt and he were friends, but that was clearly not a mutual sentiment. If Walt truly considered Hank as a friend rather than an annoying family member, he would have stopped with his business venture around the time Hank shot Tuco.

Hank saved Walt’s life back then, but Walt only made decisions that put Hank in danger. If it weren’t for Walt, Hank wouldn’t have to die. The most heartbreaking part is that Hank had no clue that he shouldn’t have trusted Walt almost until the very end.

Walt And Jesse

grilled breaking bad jesse walt

Let’s leave the most painful couple for the end: Walt and Jesse were partners, but they were never friends. At first, Jesse seemed to genuinely care for Mr. White, but it turned out he carelessly spent the money on strippers and champagne. Walt showed a glimpse of compassion towards Jesse at the end of season 2, but it didn’t last long.

If these two had a real talk every once in a while rather than quarrel, they wouldn’t end up betraying one another in such major ways. Jesse is definitely scarred for life, even though he got a happy ending in El Camino.

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