‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Owns Up to Accidentally Spoiling This Major Season 6 Death

In October of 2021, Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk accidentally revealed the fate of one of the show’s major characters. And when people finally caught up with the story, he apologized for the not-so-smooth move.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

That character was Howard Hamlin. If you recall, Howard met his end when Lalo evaded his own attempted murder and abruptly shot the HHM CEO in the head.

Howard’s death served as one of Better Call Saul’s biggest TV series twists to date—and Bob Odenkirk unknowingly spoiled it in a post for all 980K+ of his Twitter followers to see. Luckily, not everybody caught the slight.

But some of his more slueth-like fans didn’t miss the clue.

Next to an on-set picture of Odenkirk and Howard’s actor Patrick Fabian, Odenkirk praised the actor for his work in the episode that would serve as his last.

“Masterful Fabian on tonight’s episode,” he wrote. “The best of persons, on screen and off. A prince. So kind, so fun. Beautiful acting on display, doesn’t get better.”

Of course, Odenkirk only meant for Fabian to realize that the Tweet was meant as a farewell. When it came to everyone else, he wanted them to think he was just being a nice guy.

But if you look closely at the picture, you can see that Fabian was still wearing his makeup from filming. And he had a bullet hole through his skull. Oops.

Bob Odenkirk Reacted to His ‘Better Call Saul’ Teaser Perfectly

Bob Odenkirk avoided all questions about the photo until the episode aired this May. At that point, he reposted the picture and also admitted his mistake.

When a follower asked if he gave away the clue on purpose, Odenkirk admitted that he didn’t even realize people could see the blood on his castmate’s head.

“Well, the truth can be told. I screwed up,” he confessed. “I did not know you could see a little bit of makeup that told story… my bad.”

Interestingly, the accident ended up giving most fans actual doubt that Howard would die. Because of how Odenkirk dealt with the snafu, some people assumed there was no way that the photo could be a teaser.

Instead of quickly removing the picture, Odenkirk left it on his feed and just ignored questions. By doing that, people assumed he had nothing to hide. With how secretive the cast and writers had been about the story, there was no way they’d change their tune.

By the time the post came full circle, it ended up being more fun than Odenkirk imagined too. Thanks to his quick thinking to do and say nothing, all people could do was theorize. And people loved talking about how they solved or didn’t solve the puzzle.

And the twist still surprised the majority of fans. So in the end, no harm was done.

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