Bill & Ted 3: Get a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Bill & Ted’s Daughters

Ed Solomon, co-writer of the upcoming Bill & Ted sequel, Bill & Ted Face the Music, provides a look at the time-traveling duo's daughters.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Bill and Ted’s daughters in Bill and Ted 3. It’s difficult to decide exactly what seems stranger – that over 30 years after the original Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a third film in the cult comedy franchise is now on its way, or that the Bill and Ted characters are actually parents now.

In 1989, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter first played the stoner, wannabe rock star duo of Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston Esquire as they traveled through time together in a desperate bid to pass their twelfth grade history exam. Few people involved with the film at the time could have believed that it would go on to spawn not just a sequel some two years later, but a third film in what was then a very distant future. Yet that is exactly what happened, and throughout the past four decades, the unlikely fan favorites of Bill and Ted have appeared in everything from films to video games to comics to an animated series.

There’s still an entire year to go before Bill and Ted Face the Music hits theaters, so for now, fans will just have to make do with the bits of information passed along from the film’s ongoing production. The most recent bit of information to arrive comes to us courtesy of Bill and Ted 3’s writer, Ed Solomon, via his Twitter account. The recent casting of Bill and Ted’s daughters was announced just a couple of weeks ago and Solomon has now taken the opportunity to post photos of Thea and Billie (played by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine, respectively). Reminding us that these photos are on his wall in the production office, Solomon’s full Tweet is below:

Though Bill and Ted 3’s script was written as long ago as 2011, the journey toward getting it just right has been an ongoing battle – one that didn’t finish until as recently as last year. Citing a genuine love for the characters and a desire to create a new story that wasn’t just a quick cash-in, Solomon and writing partner Chris Matheson originally wrote the script on spec, meaning that for quite some time, there was no real pressure from anyone to finish a third installment. The new story catches up with Bill and Ted in their forties, married with children, but still not the world famous rock stars they’d previously been told their Wyld Stallyn’s band would make them. When the duo learn that there is a tear in the fabric of time due to their inability to write a song that will unite all of humanity, they set off on another time traveling adventure to set things right – only this time, they’re accompanied by their daughters.

Given the amount of time that it’s taken to get a third Bill & Ted film off the ground, expectations from fans is sure to be running high. This degree of hope for something truly special is fair enough, considering that Solomon has previously stated how much he and Matheson love and care for the characters, and want to see the best possible end result. Hopefully 31 years of practice will ensure that come 2020, Bill and Ted Face the Music will be the film that everyone deserves.

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