‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Think This Season 11 Move from Jamie Was the Right One

Blue Bloods fans know well that family is a key element in the long-running CBS law-enforcement-based drama series. Throughout the show’s successful 12-season run on primetime television, we have followed the Reagan family as they take on some tough cases throughout the New York City legal system.

And, there was one moment in the 11th season of the popular CBS drama when one Blue Bloods officer, Will Estes’s Jamie Reagan makes a risky move after a loved one is threatened by a criminal. The move is a dangerous one; however, fans still feel Jamie’s actions were perfectly justified as he made the right choice at the moment.

Did Jamie Reagan Make the Right Choice In One Season 11 Blue Bloods Episode?

During one 11th season Blue Bloods episode titled Guardian Angels, the Blue Bloods officers deal with a man named Tommy Simms. Simms is a criminal who has a penchant for swinging at police officers. After the Blue Bloods detectives arrest Simms, he quickly makes bail. Simms then begins to target Jamie Reagan’s wife, Vanessa Ray’s Eddie Janko.

As the episode progresses, Simms attacks Eddie as she walks to her car. From the assault, the officer suffers a black eye and a bloody lip. This attack, of course, brings up the question: how far are the members of the Reagan family willing to go in order to protect their own?

Initially, Will Estes’s Jamie Reagan wants to retaliate by beating the criminal up himself. However, the Blue Bloods officer decides to take another route. One that likely has much graver consequences.

Jamie finds Tommy as he is with several of his criminal associates. It is at this moment that Jamie decides to enact his revenge. He approaches Simms, telling him that the information he provided all checked out; suggesting to Simms’s associates that he has provided information as a mole for the department.

Fans React To Jamie Reagan’s Bold Move…Did the Officer Go Too Far?

Shortly after the episode aired, the Blue Bloods Instagram page shared an image from the episode, including a caption about the Blue Bloods‘ “unwritten rule.”

“The number one unwritten rule — we take care of our own,” the Blue Bloods Instagram post reads. And, the comments from Blue Bloods fans began to pour in; praising Jamie Reagan’s bold move.

“Jamie is best thing on [Blue Bloods],” one fan writes.

“Jamie got what he wanted and never had to throw a punch,” the Insta comment continues.

“Love how Jamie took care of the guy that hit Eddie,” another series fan adds. “Such a protective Sergeant and husband.”

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