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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Marie Quotes

There are many reasons why Hank's wife, Marie Schrader, is one of the best supporting characters in Breaking Bad. One of those is her great quotes.

In Breaking Bad, most of Marie Schrader’s arcs involve her prying into the affairs of the Whites. She is also portrayed as a very good wife, with her marriage to Hank being way more peaceful than that of her sister’s to Walt. Careerwise, she and her husband both do well too, as he is a DEA agent and she is a radiologic technologist at Kleinman Radiology Center.

Apart from being an intriguing character overall, Marie also has some of the best dialogue on the show. Her love for gossip, adoration for her husband, and hatred for Walt are mostly what influence her pronouncements. She never hesitates to air her opinions, and whether they are good or bad, they are always well crafted.

“It’s Over. Dead To Rights, I Believe Is The Expression.”

Marie celebrates Walt's arrest in Breaking Bad

Marie rejoices when Hank calls to inform her that he has finally arrested Walt. She brags about it to Skyler, telling her that she has nothing left to do but to cooperate with the police.

Marie has every right to brag since she and Walt had earlier tried to blackmail her and Hank into dropping the case. However, her victory dance is a bit premature since Walt hasn’t been taken into custody yet. Twists in the show happen rather quickly and in just a few minutes, Marie is left sobbing after learning about Hank’s death.

“It Was Before They Tightened The Stalking Laws.”

While giving Walter Jr. tutorials on how to approach girls, Hank tells him that he doesn’t have to look good — all he needs is confidence. He then recalls how he won Marie’s heart, claiming he asked her out 50 times. Upon hearing that, Marie has the perfect response.

Indeed, asking someone out 50 different times in this day and age would be not okay, to say the least. And even though Hank’s “confidence” advice is a bit cliche, it shows how deeply he cares about Walter Jr. and he has been shown to be more of a father figure to Walter Jr. than Walt. It could be argued that things are better this way since there is no world where the ever-serious Walt would teach his son how to approach girls.

“Chemotherapy And Marijuana Go Together Like Apple Pie And Chevrolet.”

Walt’s weird behavior, coupled with his closeness with Jesse, makes Skyler believe that her husband has begun smoking marijuana. She tells Marie about it, who assures her that it’s something normal for people undergoing chemotherapy.

The beauty of the quote lies in its “Apple Pie & Chevrolet” pop culture reference, which points to a popular ’70s car commercial. Marie and Skyler believe they have Walt figured out, but they have no idea he is actually cooking methamphetamine. It’s all thanks to Walt maintaining the look of an innocent and honest man.

“Is Mr. Grabby-Hands Still There?”

Marie is shocked when Skyler informs her she is working at Beneke Fabricators again. The first thought that comes to her mind is Ted Beneke, one of the most hated characters in Breaking Bad. He tried hitting on Skyler while drunk the last time she worked there, so Marie coined a fitting name for him.

Skyler does confirm that “Mr. Grabby-Hands” is still there and Marie’s look of concern foreshadows events that are about to happen. Walt might be despicable, but Skyler causes fans to revolt against her when she cheats on the antihero with Ted. Even worse is that Mr. Grabby-Hands isn’t shown to be a better man than Walt, making fans wonder why Skyler she did it in the first place.

“Pain Is Weakness Leaving Your Body.”

Hank’s shootout with The Cousins at the parking lot of a shopping center is one of the best action scenes in Breaking Bad and for good reason. The DEA agent kills one and wounds the other. In the process, he incurs serious injuries and has to learn how to walk again. Luckily, Marie is there to support him.

Hank’s recovery journey is an extremely difficult one, but Marie does great by reminding him not to pay too much attention to the pain. She might have her flaws, but one thing that she can be commended for is that she’s always a supportive wife. Hank deserves the support too since he was buying flowers when he got shot. As tough as he appears, he’s a romantic at heart.

“Go Ahead And Die Then.”

Soon after Hank discovers that he is Heisenberg, Walt suggests that the star DEA agent should just leave him alone since he will die from cancer soon anyway. Marie finds this disgusting and wishes he would die immediately.

As the wife of a DEA agent, there is no scenario where Marie would sympathize with Walt and understand why he did what he did. To her, he is an idiot who messed up familial relations by choosing to cook methamphetamine. Walt’s suggestion is guaranteed to trigger fury since it shows a total lack of remorse. The variety of crimes he has committed are enough to guarantee him a life sentence but he doesn’t see it as a big deal. To him, he should just be allowed to retire and wait for death.

“He Says He’s Mostly Riding A Desk. Which, Between You And Me, Is Just The Way I Want It.”

Marie updates Skyler about hank's job in El Paso in Breaking Bad

Skyler asks Marie how Hank is doing after he’s given a promotion and gets transferred to the DEA’s El Paso field office. Marie confesses she’s glad that he’s just sitting at his desk all day.

Marie understands that law enforcement is a dangerous profession and it’s even riskier when you have to deal with drug traffickers. A situation where Hank isn’t in the field that much is ideal for her since it means he’s mostly safe. However, future events show that a lot can happen in the few minutes when he steps out.

“I Don’t Need You To Be Mean About It Either, Mr. Grumpy.”

Hank complains after Marie fails to bring him what he wanted from the store in Breaking Bad

A recovering Hank gets furious when Marie brings him Fritos from the shops instead of the Cheetos he had ordered. Marie doesn’t appreciate his tone, so she puts him in his place.

The labels that Marie gives her family and friends throughout the series might not be worthy enough of inclusion among the best nicknames in Breaking Bad, but they still trigger chuckles. She is right to put Hank in his place since she’s doing his best to support him, yet all he does is be rude towards her.

“Good. I’m Staying. I’ll Heat Up Lasagna.”

Marie prepares lasgna in celebration after learning about Hank's plan to make Jesse testify in Breaking Bad

Marie is baffled when she’s about to leave the house and bumps into Jesse sleeping. She asks Hank what’s that’s all about and he explains that he is preparing Jesse to be a witness. She inquires whether whatever he is planning will hurt Walt badly and when he says it will, she celebrates and offers to heat up the lasagna.

In the final season, no one hopes for the fall of Walter White more than Marie. That’s because she’s been unable to digest the fact that a man she had known for most of her life is a drug lord and her DEA husband never knew about it. Unfortunately for her, she is never granted the honor of witnessing and celebrating the meth cook’s fall.

“Hank Could Win An Oscar. He’s So Damn Breezy.”

Marie tells Skyler about Hank's behavior after the turtle explosion in Breaking Bad

One of the most shocking moments in Breaking Bad occurs when Hank’s El Paso colleagues go to check out a tortoise carrying a human head, only for it to explode. The incident leaves Hank traumatized, but when he comes back home, he pretends he’s fine.

Marie’s lamentations are justified since it makes no sense for Hank to close himself off to the one person who truly cares about him. His profession has taught him to be tough and he always believed he could handle everything by himself.

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