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Breaking Bad: 10 Most Questionable Workplace Decisions In The Show

Breaking Bad is not a series about characters who make good decisions... and when it comes to career, these are some of the worst.

The main motivations in life for many Breaking Bad characters were to make copious amounts of money and gain as much power as possible. In order to achieve those goals, they sometimes had to break the law, make questionable workplace choices, and associate with dangerous people.

It’s not just the decisions that were questionable in Breaking Bad, though, it’s also that the workplaces themselves were dubious. After all, the main line of work in the TV show was drug manufacturing and distribution.

Walt Quitting Gray Matter

Breaking Bad Gray Matter

Quitting Gray Matter might not have seemed like a questionable workplace decision at a time, but since the company was valued at over $2 billion at the time Walt got cancer, it sure turned out to be one.

What’s worse, Walt quit the job because he felt inferior to silver-spooned Gretchen and her family. While this decision technically took place before the show began, like so many other times in Breaking Bad, his ego dictated his decision.

Hank Repeatedly Going Behind His Boss’ Back

Hank finds the RV in Breaking Bad

Hank almost caught Heisenberg on several occasions throughout the show, but it never mattered, because he was told to drop the case. As a result, he decided to go against his superior’s orders, and by taking matters into his own hands, Hank nearly lost his job. Even though he had every right to be angry, he shouldn’t have physically assaulted Jesse, for example. It didn’t only reflect badly on him, but on the entire DEA.

Fraud At Beneke Fabrications

Ted and Skyler in Breaking Bad

Skyler made a questionable workplace choice when she kept on working for Ted Beneke, even though the books didn’t add up. The reason she went back to work is two-fold: the family was in dire need of extra income and Skyler was in distress. Walt completely abandoned her and so, she sought solace in Ted’s arms.

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By choosing to stay by Ted’s side despite the fraud, she put her family in danger. She was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and couldn’t really avoid doing something morally dubious somewhere along the way.

Saul Goodman’s Treatment Of Francesca

Saul instructs Fransesca to shred all documents after Walt gets outed as Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

Saul Goodman’s treatment of Francesca has been horrible since she started working for him, as can be seen in the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul. He tasked her with responsibilities no assistant should put up with and constantly made sexist remarks.

From asking her whether he can follow her home to giving her nicknames she didn’t like, Saul was harassing her all the time. Considering she knew all of his dirty secrets, this was risky as well as just plain unacceptable.

When Walt Tried To Kiss Carmen

Carmen in Breaking Bad looking angry.

Carmen, the principal at Walt’s high school, was always kind to him, and Walt mistook her friendliness for something else. As his life started falling apart in season 1, he made a move on her. She was confused and disappointed. Trying to kiss her was a questionable idea as he lost an ally at his job that day.

While it looked like she’s going to be an important supporting character, the show dropped Carmen’s storyline as soon as Walt stopped working at the school.

The Way Walt Quit The Car Wash

Walter White quits Bogdan’s carwash in Breaking Bad

Walt quitting the car wash was one of the definite highlights of the first episode of Breaking Bad. He was mistreated, disrespected, and overqualified to work there, so there was something really satisfying in Walt yelling “F*ck you and your eyebrows!” to Bogdan. It wasn’t something that should be acceptable, though, no matter how tedious the job.

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Bogdan also made dubious workplace decisions. He didn’t show an inch of empathy to his workers, so it’s no surprise Walt quit the way he did.

Gus Hired Jesse & Walt Against His Principles

Jesse goofs around in the lab in Breaking Bad

As an employer, Gus was reliable, professional, and sure-footed. After meeting Walt and Jesse for the first time, he refused to work with them, but Walt persuaded him to reconsider. Gus had a bone to pick with Jesse in particular, since the seasoned criminal mastermind refused to work with addicts.

Somehow, Walt had his way in the end and Gus even hired Jesse back at some point, even though Gale made for a far more predictable employee. It was a decision he grew to regret as Walt was the one who killed him in the end.

Walt Refused To Retire

Walt orders Declan to say his name in Breaking Bad

Once people are in the so-called empire business, it’s nearly impossible to retire without any bloodshed. Walt, Mike, and Jesse had a chance to walk away with several million each if they chose to sell methylamine to Declan. Walt sabotaged the entire operation, a decision that wasn’t just questionable, but outright deadly for many characters, including some he cared about.

Jesse Sold Meth To Rehab Attendees

Andrea and Jesse in Breaking Bad

While Walt was always the boss when it came to manufacturing meth, Jesse sometimes also took on the responsibilities of a salesman. One of the worst things Jesse ever did was selling drugs to people in rehab. The decision wasn’t only questionable from a moral standpoint. The drugs he was selling were stolen from the lab, so he could’ve gotten himself killed if Gus ever found out.

Luckily, Jesse didn’t get far with his plan. And something good even came out of it: Skinny Pete and Badger came to rehab with him and considered sobriety, possibly for the first time in their lives.

Collaboration With Uncle Jack’s Gang

Todd and Uncle Jack on Breaking Bad

While Jesse’s moral compass remained almost intact as the story progressed, Walt lost his completely. He really should have known better than to go into business with Uncle Jack; after all, all he and his gang members cared about was money. Todd didn’t hesitate to kill a boy and Walter didn’t seem to mind.

Business-wise, teaming up with the Welkers was one of the worst work-related choices Walt has ever made. They enslaved Jesse, murdered Hank and Gomez, and took Walt’s money.

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