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Breaking Bad: 10 Reasons its Final Season was its Best

Breaking Bad was an incredible series from start to finish, but here are 10 reasons why the final season was the best.

Vince Gilligan’s hit crime drama Breaking Bad captivated viewers with a truly original, gripping tale of desperation begetting a drug empire. The show’s as much a philosophical look into human morality, as it is a thrilling crime caper of a downtrodden man-turned-antihero.

The show provides an entertaining glimpse into a man’s transformation from humble Chemistry teacher to cold drug kingpin. This is fueled by the desperation of a cancer diagnosis and the desire to provide for his family.

Breaking Bad also highlights the amusing escapades of his former student-turned sidekick, Jesse Pinkman – whose aftermath is shown in the spinoff film, El Camino. The show is regarded for its uniquely intriguing premise and overall entertainment value – and each season certainly has its unique charm.

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Still, it’s hard to deny that Gilligan’s drama really went out with a bang in its final season. This dense, emotional season managed to stand out amidst an already memorable series – upping the ante in a big way. These are all the reasons why, to a great many Breaking Bad fans, its 5th and final season was the best of the best.

The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

Walter sat down in a yellow boiler suit in Breaking Bad

By Breaking Bad‘s 5th season, Walter has fought tooth and nail to gain prominence as a drug kingpin – at great cost. His adversaries, including Gus Fring, have largely been dealt with, and Heisenberg’s trademark blue meth is the dominant brand in the Southwest. As such, the stakes are higher than ever – which means that there’s now quite a bit more on the line.

Though Walt has secured his drug empire – the DEA, Jack’s gang, and inner-conflicts threaten to bring it tumbling down like a house of cards. These conditions set the stage for an intense and emotional final 16 episodes.

Stand-Out Performances

Skyler White

Breaking Bad is renowned for the dynamic performances from much of the cast, who truly bring these characters to life. Still, thanks in part to the more somber conditions of the final season, viewers are really treated to some great performances this time. After all, many of them are mentally on the brink or find themselves in perilous positions by this point in the show.

From the intense, emotional breakdowns of Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Skyler (Anna Gunn), to the cold and domineering demeanor of Walt (Bryan Cranston) – this is the season where the actors really shine.

Walter Assumes Kingpin Status

Sure, it was amusing enough seeing Walt and Jesse operate under the memorable villain Gus Fring. Yet, there’s a certain feeling of triumph and liberation in Walter’s hard-fought ascension to the top – corrupt and malicious as it may be.

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It’s intriguing and fun to witness Walt take the reigns completely and assemble his well-oiled meth empire from the ashes of Gus’ old regime. It also makes for a thrilling watch, as Heisenberg and company must now fight to hold it together and protect it from outside forces.

A Range Of Memorable Settings

breaking bad lydia and madrigal Cropped

TV and film tends to thrive with a likable, interesting cast and strong writing. But in addition, the environments and set decoration can also serve to immerse and entertain the viewer. Vince Gilligan certainly achieves this with some detailed and authentic sets – though this really stands out in the finale season.

With Walt’s ever-expanding drug ring, viewers are treated to a number of diverse scenes from various locales – even extending to Madrigal’s headquarters in Germany. Each season 5 episode largely feels like its own film, with its array of unique settings ranging from the Southwest deserts to the snowy woods of New Hampshire.

Ample Action

El Camino Jesse Pinkman Flashback

Though Breaking Bad can be described as a crime drama, there are many fun bouts of action to be had as well – and this is especially true in the climactic final season.

As things start to escalate and “hit the fan,” as it were, the stage is set for some epic firefights and heart-pounding escapades. Right from the get go in season 5, viewers are kept on the edge of their seats as Walt and his crew take on a mission to wipe the evidence from Gus’ old laptop. Soon after, fans are treated with one of the most exciting, action-packed episodes of the series.

That Train Heist

best breaking bad episodes dead freight

For many fans, the episode “Dead Freight” is really strong enough to exist as a standalone film. It’s a classic crime plot that might seem rather stock on the surface – featuring a small band of renegades who set out to rob a train.

Yet, Gilligan and crew manage to make this old school concept feel fresh and exciting again, thanks to its creative premise, stellar performances, and thrilling action. The episode is rife with intense moments and last-second escape situations one might expect to find in a great action flick.

The Threat Of Jack’s Neo-Nazi Gang

Uncle Jack and Todd confront Hank in Ozymandias Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has seen countless villains and antiheroes take center stage and provide moments that are both entertaining and unsettling. Still, it’s tough to beat the cold, cruel gang of neo-Nazis led by Jack Welker and his sociopathic nephew.

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Unlike the Tucos and Krazy-8’s of the Southwest, these guys pose a major threat and hold a standing of power well beyond any street-level criminals. They even manage to surpass Gus – at least in terms of malice and sheer firepower – with their arsenal of military-grade weapons.

The Conflict Between Various Characters And Factions

Anna Gunn as Skyler, Bryan Cranston as Walt and Dean Norris as Hank in Breaking Bad

Despite Walt seemingly shoring up his drug empire in the early part of season 5, his relationships – and those of others close to him – increasingly threaten to become unraveled and broken. It’s these moments that set the stage for the tense, gripping, and tear-jerking scenes that comprise season 5.

Skyler has become disgruntled and outright disturbed by her husband’s actions by this point, Jesse grows more distant and distrusting, and Mike is looking to “get out of dodge.”Then there’s the coup de grâce when it comes to Walt’s shattered relationships…

The Increasingly Pressing Threat Of Hank

Some of the most powerful moments of Breaking Bad occur when Walt’s bouts of “breaking bad” start to bleed over into his family life. This occurs as his criminal ways start getting exposed and threaten to fracture the very family he wishes to protect and provide for.

But this really comes to a head the moment his brother-in-law discovers his wrongdoings – swiftly turning him from supportive family member to bitter foe. These moments of conflict, and the cat-and-mouse game that follows, adds a new layer of intrigue and emotion to the show.

The Epic Season Finale

Walter White dies in the Breaking Bad finale

The season (and series) finale of Breaking Bad is widely regarded as one of the strongest finales in television – and for good reason. It’s a wild ride from start to finish; an emotional roller-coaster chock-full of tense, somber, and action-packed bouts.

The episode intrigues with its many twists and turns while tying up loose ends and bringing a sense of “finality.” It follows a determined Walter, who’s on a mission to “finish up his business” as the clock is running out for him. His actions and methods in gaining this victory – albeit a bittersweet one – are so absurd and clever that one can’t help but be enthralled.

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