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Breaking Bad Theory: Gus Fring Was Working For The CIA

A Breaking Bad fan theory suggested that Gus Fring worked with the CIA, explaining his mysterious past and his infiltration of the drug cartel.

A compelling Breaking Bad fan theory suggested that Gus Fring worked with the CIA for decades. The intimidating character played by Giancarlo Esposito served as the AMC series most dangerous antagonist, and arguably the best villain on the show. Esposito reprised his role for the prequel spinoff, Better Call Saul beginning in season 3.

When Gus was introduced, he was the owner of the popular fast-food restaurant chain, Los Pollos Hermanos. The company was a front for his methamphetamine drug trade. Gus hid in plain sight, continuing his illicit business as a drug kingpin while acting as a philanthropist in the eyes of the DEA with his anti-drug position and charitable donations. Throughout his time on Breaking Bad, as well as information revealed on Better Call Saul, Gus’ past relationship with the Mexican drug cartel came into focus. After separating himself and rising to power, he aligned with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman so the duo could work out of his superlab. Their relationship eventually went south resulting in Gus’ violent death.

Despite Gus’ screentime on Breaking Bad, much of his backstory was left ambiguous. He was a Chilean-born citizen who later emigrated to Mexico where he got involved with the cartel before making his way to Albuquerque. The small details that do exist stemming from his past prior to the timelines of both series were used to support the theory (via Reddit) that Gus was connected to the CIA. That partnership was said to have started when Gus still resided in Chile.

Gus Fring Was Not An Agent But Had A Relationship With The CIA

Giancarlo Esposito Breaking Bad

Gus was originally from Chile but relocated to Mexico in 1986. Even though he grew up in Chile, Hank Schrader revealed that there were no records of him living there. In fact, there was no documentation of his existence before he went to Mexico in the mid-80s. The fan theory cooked up the idea that Gus served as a Chilean citizen that closely helped the CIA. Gus emigrated to Mexico during the time when Augusto Pinochet. The Pinochet regime took over with the help of the US as the country assisted with the goal of overthrowing communist or socialist governments.

Gus once mentioned Pinochet and his government’s lack of keeping documents when questioned by Hank in regards to his Chilean past. There were even hints that Gus worked for the Chilean government and kept many secrets in connection to his past. In a flashback, Hector Salamanca referred to Gus as “Grand Generalissimo,” a hint to the man’s involvement in Pinochet’s regime. If Gus worked for the Chilean government, it could have been due to the CIA’s insistence. They could have wiped Gus’ records and forced him to move on to Mexico after they stopped supporting Pinochet following the dictator’s human rights violations.

Gus Fring Was Helping Infiltrate The Mexican Drug Cartel

Gus Fring and Jesse Pinkman at don elladios house

Once Gus left Chile for Mexico, he soon came in contact with the cartel leader Don Eladio Vuente. It’s interesting that Gus could get involved with the biggest drug kingpin without having any experience in the cartel. The theory also suggested that Gus was groomed by the CIA to infiltrate the cartel and rise to power. Gus’ presence in the cartel would give the CIA more control with the drug trade.

This would explain why Gus wanted to focus on meth, not cocaine. Don Eladio chose not to kill Gus when he had the chance and he might have had an inclination about the man’s connections. Gus easily entered the US without proper documentation and had a habit of tipping off the proper forces when it came to incriminating the Salamancas. This could all be explained with Gus’ relationship with the CIA as it fills in many blanks surrounding the mysterious Breaking Bad character.

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