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Breaking Bad: 10 Things Only Die-Hard Fans Know About The Show

Breaking Bad is seen as one of the best shows of all time with many passionate fans, but there are some things about the show only devoted fans know.

Though it started out as a rather small and overlooked show, Breaking Bad turned into a television obsession. Since its end and in the era of streaming, its reputation has only grown with incredible writing and so many Easter eggs for fans to discover when rewatching the show years later.

But while casual viewers might think they know the show well, it is only the truly devoted Breaking Bad fans who know all the hidden secrets behind the saga of Walter White. From behind-the-scenes stories to cool overlooked facts, these are the things only die-hard Breaking Bad fans know.

Saul’s Spinoff Was Foreshadowed In His First Appearance

After being introduced in season 2 of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman became one of the most memorable characters in the show. In fact, he became so beloved that he was given his own acclaimed spinoff with Better Call Saul.

Amazingly, seeds for that show were planted in Saul’s very first episode of Breaking Bad. After Walt and Jesse kidnapped Saul to scare him, he mentioned Ignacio and Nacho in relation to some sort of treachery. This refers to an event that takes place in season 5 of Better Call Saul.

The Infamous Pizza Toss Was Done In One Take

A pizza on the roof of the house in a scene in Breaking Bad.

Though it is an incredibly intense show, there are also some very funny moments on Breaking Bad as well. One of the most iconic is when Walt tries to bring pizza home to smooth things over with Skylar only to be turned down. In anger, he throws the pizza, sending it up on the house roof.

Amazingly, the throw was done in one take by Bryan Cranston. An unfortunate result of the memorable scene is that tourists have regularly visited the house where the show was filmed and recreated the pizza throw.

“The Fly” Was Made For Budget Reasons

A fly on Walt's glasses in Breaking Bad

One of the most divisive episodes of the entire series is “The Fly”. Directed by Rian Johnson, the episode takes place almost entirely inside Walt and Jesse’s lab and focuses on Walt’s obsession with killing a fly that has found its way inside.

But while some found it to be an interesting experiment for the show, the reason for the episode was actually budgetary. In order to produce a less costly episode, one was devised that would feature few actors and few locations.

Mike’s Character Was A Last-Minute Creation

Mike out in the desert in Breaking Bad.

Mike Ehrmantraut is another character who was introduced later in Breaking Bad and became a fan favorite. His first appearance was following Jane’s death when he helped Jesse clean the scene. But he was not originally meant to be part of that scene at all.

The original plan was for Saul to assist Jesse in the scene, but when Bob Odenkirk was unavailable, the character of Mike was created. He ended up working so well that he became Saul’s fixer and a regular character.

Gus Was Not Supposed To Be The Main Villain

Gus fires Walt in Breaking Bad

Like Mike, Gus Fring is an unforgettable Breaking Bad character who was never meant to be. The original plan for the show was to have Tuco Salamanca and his uncle Hector as the main villains only for actor availability to change that.

Instead, they created an anti-Tuco with Gus Fring but it was initially only meant to be a few guest-starring spots. When actor Giancarlo Esposito was offered more appearances, he pushed back and insisted Gus be made an integral part of the show.

The Walking Dead Played A Role In Gus Fring’s Death

Gus Fring with half his face blown off in Breaking Bad

One of the most shocking and memorable moments in Breaking Bad was Gus Fring’s death. The lead-up to the explosion was unbearably intense and the gruesome reveal of the aftermath gave the villain an iconic exit from the show.

Interestingly, it was another hit show that helped make this moment so iconic. The Breaking Bad team enlisted the help of The Walking Dead‘s makeup artists to create the gory look of Gus Fring’s face.

Bryan Cranston Was Deeply Affected By Jane’s Death

Walt watches as Jane overdoses in Breaking Bad

A turning point for Walt’s character was the death of Jane. Fearing her influence on Jesse, Walt lets Jane choke to death on her own vomit when he could have intervened and saved her. It is a shocking moment and one that affected actor Bryan Cranston deeply.

Cranston recalled that when he was shooting the scene, he had a moment in which he saw Jane as his own daughter in real life. When the scene ended, Cranston broke down and had to be comforted by the other cast members.

Jesse and Walt Jr. Never Met

Split image of Walt Jr. and Jesse in Breaking Bad

Despite Walt trying to keep his criminal life hidden from his family life, there were some inevitable moments when it spilled over. While Jesse was removed from that aspect of Walt’s life, he ended up interacting with all of the main cast members at some point – all except for Walt Jr.

Despite both characters being a part of the show from the first episode and all the way to the last episode, the two never shared a single scene together. It would have been interesting to see as Walt saw Jesse as a son at times.

Walt Wore His Hat To Protect His Bald Head

Walter White from Breaking Bad in the desert wearing a black hat.

A big part of Walter White’s transformation into the drug lord Heisenberg is tied to his hat. It became an iconic look for the character and showed his switch from family man to criminal. But the origins of the hat are surprisingly mundane.

Instead of seeing the hat as a necessary thing for Walt’s change, it was added simply for comfort. After shaving his head for the role, Bryan Cranston complained about his head being cold and getting sunburnt so asked that his character be allowed to wear a hat.

Jesse Was Supposed To Be Killed Off In Season 1

Jesse and Walt talking in the desert in Breaking Bad

The odd couple of Walt and Jesse was one of the highlights of the show. Jesse himself went from a comic relief character to a complex and sympathetic one. However, he originally was going to be a much smaller part of the show.

The plan was for Jesse to be killed by Tuco at the end of season 1 leaving Walt on his own. However, the writer’s strike forced them to change the original plans for the season’s end and when the show came back, it was decided Jesse was too important to lose.

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