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Breaking Bad: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The Main Characters

Breaking Bad revolutionized the TV world while it aired. But after its end, fans were left with a lot of questions they still wanted answered.

It’s tough to create a satisfying series finale. After many hours of riveting television, fans’ expectations of the Breaking Bad finale were sky-high. Thankfully, Vince Gilligan and his team were able to write a satisfying conclusion that wrapped up most loose ends, the important ones at least.

Still, even after the show has been over for six years, there are still many questions fans have about the history or fates of certain characters. Better Call Saul does a pretty good job of explaining some story threads but it still is its own thing. El Camino was essentially just an epilogue that only lets us know what happened in the few days after the finale’s events. Therefore, there is still plenty we don’t know about these characters (and likely will never know). Here are ten unanswered questions we still have Breaking Bad’s characters.

What Does Walter Jr. Do With The $9 Million?

Walt Jr. at breakfast table in Breaking Bad

It’s never made clear whether or not Walt’s family gets the $9 Million. That being said, we’re led to believe in the finale that Walt did end up achieving his goal of providing for his family after his death, so let’s assume it all went according to plan and the trust is not investigated by the DEA.

Question is, what does Walter Jr. end up doing with that money? While it’s obvious that he would provide for his family, no question, it’s unclear if Jr. actually even accepts the money. Would Jr. or Skyler be hesitant at first and think Walt had something to do with it? Even if he does accept, he’ll have plenty to ground for college and family. With the rest, maybe he’ll open up his own breakfast diner.

What Happened To Huell And Kuby?

kuby huell breaking bad

The last time we saw Kuby, he was discussing with Walt and Saul about how to handle Jesse. Huell, on the other hand, was picked up by the DEA for “protection” and we never saw him leave that motel. It would be great to know what became of these two.

After Walt died, we’re pretty sure that Huell was eventually willing to leave and not fear for his life. Perhaps Kuby reaches out to him and Huell realizes he’s been tricked by Hank and Gomez. Hopefully, they stay partners in crime. If there’s one duo deserving of a spinoff sitcom, it’s these two.

Are Badger And Skinny Pete Okay?

Badger and Skinny Pete sitting in a car in Breaking Bad

In one of the trailers for El Camino, it shows Skinny Pete being interrogated by the cops, refusing to give up his best friend. This scene isn’t in the final film, though, making it unclear whether or not it’s even canon. Assuming it is, do Skinny Pete and Badger make it out okay?

The last we saw of them, they were helping Jesse to get out of town. It’s possible Skinny Pete was picked up by the cops not much later. Realistically, Skinny Pete could actually be charged for assisting Jesse. Let’s just hope that’s not the case and both Pete and Badger ended up writing that awesome Star Trek pie-eating episode.

What Does Jesse End Up Doing In Alaska?

Breaking Bad El Camino Ending Jesse Pinkman

Despite being an epilogue, El Camino has a very ambiguous ending. Jesse has escaped the authorities and ready to start fresh. We also never get to read what Jesse’s note was to Brock. Even if Jesse creates a relatively simple life for himself, will he ever be 100% okay?

The events of Breaking Bad really take a toll on Jesse’s well being, where he ends up back on meth multiple times. After the traumatic months of being in captivity, Jesse must still have psychological and psychical issues he needs to work out. In a perfect world, Jesse ends up adopting Brock. However, Breaking Bad isn’t a perfect world.

Who Is Gustavo Fring Really?

Gus Fring Hector Breaking Bad

Gustavo Fring is definitely the most mysterious character in Breaking Bad. His history with the cartel does get expanded upon in Better Call Saul but his undefined past in Chile has yet to be revealed. After killing Max in a flashback, Don Eladio spared Gus, with him saying it’s because he knows who he is.

Who is Gus Fring, though? The only thing that we know is that he migrated to Mexico in 1986 during the Pinochet regime. Hank was not able to find any record of Gus prior to that, theorizing that maybe his name is just an alias. It’s obvious that Gus’s past in Chile is extremely important and could be expanded upon in later seasons of Better Call Saul.

Did Gus Order The Hit On Tomás Cantillo?

Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring on Breaking Bad

After Jesse confronts Gus about two of his workers using kids to deal and murder, specifically Andrea’s brother Tomás, Gus orders them to stop. Tragically, Tomás is gunned down later that night. It was most likely Gus’s dealers that did this. However, it’s never been revealed if it was on Gus’s orders or not.

It’s no secret that Gus is a bad guy, going as far as threatening to kill Walt’s entire family. Gus is also a man who ensures his business must go on at any cost. Therefore, a child who knows too much could be seen as a threat. Also, it was the perfect opportunity to get Jesse out of the picture, whom Gus had seen as a liability.

What Happened With Grey Matter?

Skyler and Walt attend Elliott's birthday party in Breaking Bad

Walt’s history with the Grey Matter company basically defines his entire character. He was a co-founder of a company that would go on to make billions without him. It explains why he’s so prideful and why his ego gets the better of him. What exactly happened with Grey Matter?

It was never explicitly shown but many scenes hint at a possibly long triangle between Gretchen, Elliott, and Walt. Perhaps Walt was at once in love with Gretchen but then she went to Elliott, causing a huge rift in their friendship. It is a good thing that we never get to see what exactly happened between them but it doesn’t mean we still aren’t curious.

How Did Walt End Up As A Teacher?

Walt demonstrated a chemical compound's explosive abilities in Breaking Bad

The main concept of Breaking Bad was a frustrated school teacher who becomes a drug kingpin. A huge question is how did Walt end up as a teacher? We know that he would’ve been a billionaire had he stayed with Grey Matter. Even still, it’s not like he didn’t finish his degrees. He’s said to be an over-qualified chemistry teacher but why didn’t he ever try to get another job. Surely with his degrees, he could’ve worked for a great company.

You could argue that it’s just the hand that was Walt was deal. Also, Skyler does get pregnant early on in their relationship. Still, the young and ambitious Walt could’ve tried to do something else with his career.

Was Skyler Ever Charged By The DEA?

Breaking Bad Skyler and Walter White

In one of the more brilliant moments of the show, Walt calls up Skyler, knowing that the DEA is listening, and makes her look like a victim in all of this. While it looks like it worked, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that Skyler is guilty since she helped launder his money.

In the finale, Walt gives Skyler the coordinates to Hank and Steve’s bodies but we never actually see the aftermath of it. Now that Walt is dead, was it enough for her to be granted immunity on all charges?

How Did Walt Poison Brock?

Walter White and Brock in Breaking Bad

We know for sure that Walt did, in fact, poison Brock with the Lily of the Valley plant. The biggest mystery surrounding this is how was Walt able to manage such a task in a short amount of time. Walt may be a genius but it’s not like he’s quick and stealthy.

Vince Gilligan gave some insight on the whole thing but never actually confirmed it. He says that he envisioned Walt putting the poison into a juice box or something. Even if that is the case, it’s still a far fetch that Walt was sneaky enough to do this with the walls closing in around him at the end of Season 4.

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