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Breaking Bad: Badger’s 8 Best Quotes

One of Jesse's best friends on Breaking Bad, Brandon "Badger" Mayhew was smarter than people thought. He delivered some truly hilarious quotes.

Alongside Skinny Pete, Badger is one of Jesse’s closest friends and partners in crime in Breaking Bad. He has a liking for science fiction television shows and movies, often quoting them when he is explaining something. He even goes as far as to write a Star Trek script that he recites for his friends. He’s also a gamer.

Judging from the way he talks, Badger is more intelligent than he’s given credit for, making it all the more heartbreaking that he didn’t have more goals or aspirations for himself. But he falls in with the wrong crowd and finds himself deeply involved in the meth business. Luckily, no grave consequences comes his way like they do to many characters in the series. Badger may not have everything all figured out, but he sure has some great quotes.

“Darth Vader Had Responsibilities. He Was Responsible For The Death Star.”

Jesse complains to his friends about working for Gus Fring

Soon after he and Walt begin cooking for Gus Fring, Jesse visits a diner accompanied by Badger and Skinny Pete. Despite earning more money than ever before, Jesse reminisces how he was once able to cook anywhere and anytime without deadlines. He also feels sad about having to destroy the RV.

He wonders what the point of being an outlaw is when you have so many responsibilities. Badger reminds him that Darth Vader — one of the greatest outlaws of all time — had plenty of responsibilities. It’s a great reference, even though Jesse doesn’t seem to understand Badger. The trio then agrees to start moving weight together again behind Walt and Gus Fring’s back.

“Um… A Big Opportunity.”

Badger listens to Jesse's instructions

Early in their cooking career, Walt and Jesse discuss ways to evolve from small-time drug lords to big players in the underworld. They come up with the idea to use Jesse’s friends Badger, Combo, and Skinny Pete as major distributors, with junior distributors working under the three. Jesse thus summons his friends to his house and informs them that they’ll each be selling an ounce for $2500 then handing him $500.

They try to change Jesse’s mind, letting them know that the price is too high but he disagrees, arguing that no else is selling meth that is that pure. Jesse then warns them all not to steal from him because it’s a big opportunity. In a hilarious show of dominance, he asks Badger to repeat what he just said.

“You’re Heisenberg?”

Skinny Pete and Badger meet Walt for the first time

After witnessing Spooge’s wife crash his head with an ATM machine, Jesse is traumatized and won’t leave the house. Walt is thus forced to meet Badger and Skinny Pete on his own while disguising himself in a hat and sunglasses.

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As soon as he sees him, Badger becomes starstruck. Like everyone else, he has been hearing about Heisenberg but has never met him in person. Walt doesn’t bother to answer Badger’s question; he just asks for the money.

“Feels Better… Definitely Improving.”

Badger and Skinny Pete sit in a car with Walter in Breaking Bad

While Walt is on the run, he pays a visit to his former colleagues turned enemies, Elliot and Gretchen. He then lets them know that he will be leaving them millions of dollars which they will give to Walt Jr. on his eighteenth birthday in the form of an irrevocable trust. Walt is doing this since Walter Jr. and Skyler currently hate him and won’t accept his money.

To get Elliot and Gretchen to comply, Walt makes them think he has snipers monitoring them. Before he enters the mansion, he tasks Badger and Skinny Pete with shining laser lights that mimic sniper rifles. Badger refuses at first, saying it doesn’t feel good morality-wise. Walt then hands them bundles of cash before asking Badger how it feels now. His answer is fitting.

“Hey Dude, Are These Bullet Holes?”

Jesse takes Badger to the RV to show him how to cook

Badger might be smart enough to know about Darth Vader but he isn’t smart enough to recognize bullet holes. Jesse once takes him to the RV to see how he cooks and when he sees the holes, Badger asks what they are. Jesse lies to him that they are holes he created for ventilations and he believes it.

In truth, the holes came about after Krazy-8 fired a couple of bullets. When Krazy-8 tried forcing Walt to show his recipe, he had created a small explosion that produced phosphine gas. Krazy-8 tried to shoot Walt as he escaped, thus creating holes in the RV.

“I’ve Been Awake For Like Three Straight Days. Turning Into A Sleestak.”

Badger insisits on leaving after a party

Consumed with guilt over murdering Gale Boetticher, Jesse moves back to his deceased aunt’s house and throws endless parties, inviting over strangers who completely mess up the place.

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The morning after one of the parties, Jesse asks Badger and Skinny Pete to stay but Badger declines. He claims he is almost turning into a Sleestak. Sleestaks are extra-dimensional reptilian humanoid creatures that appeared in the Land of the Lost. 

“You Are A Genius, Bro. This Kankenstein Is Unreal.”

Jesse & Badger fight in the van in Breaking Bad

After watching Jesse cooking a batch for the first time, Badger sings his praises He claims it’s the best batch he has ever seen, referring to the “kankesntein” as unreal. He is quite sure that they are going to make millions off it.

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To Badger’s surprise, Jesse isn’t impressed by the batch. He calls it impure and goes on to throw it out. Badger can’t believe Jesse is doing since it’s the most quality product he has ever seen. But to Jesse, it’s just not up to standard.

“That Ain’t Me, Man! I Was The Guy Selling Meth.”

Saul shows up to defend Badger after he was arrested for selling meth

Badger gets busted when he sells meth to an undercover cop, so Walt and Jesse send Saul to represent him. When Saul enters Badger’s holding cell, he confuses him with another inmate who is being accused of pleasuring himself in public. Saul goes on to mock him, asking him why he doesn’t just do it at home like other guys.

Viewers also get to learn that Badger’s real name is Brandon Mayhew. Of course, Brandon Mayhew denies that he is the guy Saul thinks he is, which makes it even more hilarious.

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