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Breaking Bad Characters, Ranked By Fighting Ability

Breaking Bad's characters find themselves in many dangerous situations, but who is the best or worst character, ranked by fighting ability?

Breaking Bad has all the crime, drama, and thrills that any television lover would fall head over feels for, and the show is made even better by the mysterious and dynamic characters that are just as unlikable as they are lovable or memorable. Of course, there’s a lot of violence and hate to be had along the series.

While some characters engage in shoot-outs, some in hand-to-hand combats, and others rely solely on their minds, the fighting ability of these characters varies from pretty impressive to totally unequipped. It’s time to put them in the ring together and see who would come out on top.

Worst: Saul Goodman

Saul in a tie, leaning against his desk in his office

There likely isn’t a single fan that would choose Saul Goodman as their own personal fighter. It isn’t to say that he couldn’t, but he probably wouldn’t try. Saul doesn’t like combat, and he’s way too afraid to even give it a go. He’s a pretty flaky and slippery guy, and those traits wouldn’t help him in any fight.

Saul would likely lose out to pretty much any other character on the show, and that definitely means he deserves to be last place when it comes to fighting ability. He would likely just drop into the fetal position and pray for the best.

Marie Schrader

Marie standing in her house, looking upset

Marie has some fire in her, but it’s pretty unclear whether or not she would actually buckle down if it was a matter of life or death. Of all the characters on this show, fans probably aren’t betting that Marie would win in any kind of fight.

Rather, Marie likes to listen and gather as much information as possible, and pass it on for other people to take action. Whether it’s weaponry or hand-to-hand combat, Marie probably wouldn’t be shooting many shots or throwing many punches. Plus, fans probably wouldn’t be rooting for her, either.

Skyler White

Skyler sitting with a cigarette in her small apartment in Breaking Bad

There’s something a bit terrifying about Skyler White, and that might make her a pretty decent choice when comparing fighting abilities. Skyler is clever and cunning, and this would be a great asset in any fight.

However, Skyler isn’t well-versed in any kind of combat, and there’s only so much she could rely on her passion and her wit. While fans wouldn’t want to cross her, it wouldn’t be terrible to get in a fight with her.

Todd Alquist

Todd in the desert, holding a gun

Todd is another character that’s just deeply unsettling and terrifying. However, Todd has some muscle and a complete lack of empathy and care for other human beings. This is a pretty dangerous combination.

While Todd could hold his own, he isn’t the best because Todd isn’t the smartest. He would easily get caught up in his emotions or lack thereof, and Todd also has a strange side to him that might prevent him from buckling down in a fight.

Walter White

Walter White is probably the smartest character on the series, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best fighter. He has proven that he’s willing to hold his own and throw some punches, but he isn’t exactly the best in combat.

He’s clever and patient, but he’s also a bit older and not as mobile or quick as a great fighter would be. Walt could give any opponent a run for his money, but there’s a lot of people that he wouldn’t be able to beat.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse standing on the side of the road in a hoodie

Ironically, Jesse might be the least willing of all of these characters to actually engage in a fight. However, he would fight for himself or for those he loved if it really came down to it. He isn’t trained, but he’s a strong and determined guy.

Jesse is also easy to underestimate, and he’s actually pretty smart and observant. He could hold a gun and he could throw some hands if it meant getting out alive. Some fans would definitely bet on him to come out on top.

Gus Fring

Gus standing outside looking grim

As far as villains go, Gus might just be the most dangerous and powerful of them on this show. Gus has resources and a team of people to do his dirty work, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to hold his own.

Gus has quite literally killed someone with a box cutter, and it’s a bit unsettling to think about what else he would do. He is surprisingly tough and strong, and he has the intelligence to match. No fan of this show would want to go up against him.

Tyrus Kitt

Tyrus standing in the lab

Gus and Tyrus are both relentless and cruel, but Tyrus has a leg up in the sense that he is younger and more agile. Tyrus is terrifying and smart, but he’s also a guy with enough strength and ruthlessness to put up a good fight.

Fans don’t get to know too much about Tyrus, and somehow that makes him seem all the more dangerous. Tyrus is mysterious and cunning, and would likely be a pretty great fighter in all kinds of combat.

Hank Schrader

Hank finds the RV in Breaking Bad

For a man that’s a bit older and a bit less athletic than some on the list, Hank is impressive in both hand-to-hand combat and weaponry. Hank can shoot well, but he’s also tough as nails and extremely determined to win any battle.

Of all the characters on this show, Hank is one of the best fighters. He could beat just about any opponent, and he has the intelligence and the patience to strike when it counts the most. Plus, he fought with everything he had until his very last breath.

Best: Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike standing in the lab, looking serious

There probably isn’t a doubt in any fan’s mind that Mike is the best fighter on the entire series. He may be one of the oldest, but he’s also one of the smartest and has the most experience of them all. His job is literally to kill or hurt people.

He’s patient and cunning, and has the strength and resilience to overcome anything thrown his way. Mike can shoot, but he can also throw down in any close combat. If fans were going to pick their best fighter, most would choose Mike Ehrmantraut.

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