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Breaking Bad: Most Popular Actors, Ranked By Instagram Followers

The show Breaking Bad helped take its actors to a whole new level of popularity. Here's how they compare in terms of Instagram followers.

The show Breaking Bad has a strong, character-driven story and it helped take its actors to a whole new level of popularity. Whether it was Bryan Cranston showcasing a new side of himself or Giancarlo Esposito having his breakout performance, the actors really made the show what it was.

But even when the Breaking Bad story came to an end, that didn’t mean that people wanted to stop following those who were involved. That’s why the actors have proven to be a hit on social media, but which member of the cast has the most followers on Instagram?

Steven Michael Quezada (Steve Gomez) – 34.2k Followers

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The character of Steve Gomez was one that audiences loved. He was a genuinely good person, which is something that was rare within Breaking Bad, and that’s what made him a character that stood out. Audiences loved seeing him, and people have continued that on Instagram.

Steve Quezada shares a lot of great content on his Instagram feed, with his account really having something for everybody. There are photos of his dogs, scenic pictures, and plenty of Breaking Bad-related shots for fans to appreciate.

Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader) – 63.2k Followers

Betsy Brandt is well on her way to hitting the big 100k on Instagram, and her account is certainly worth following as she posts a lot of great content. On the show, her character Marie might have been slightly annoying at times, but that was something that Betsy did a great job of putting on.

On her Instagram, Betsy keeps fans updated with pictures and videos of her life, as well as her adventures in the baking world, where she creates different tasty treats from home.

Luis Moncada (Marco Salamanca) – 90.1k Followers

Luis Moncada is shown on Breaking Bad as a silent but deadly type of character, being a member of the Salamanca family, he attempts to track down Walter White and take his life. He’s a dangerous character and someone who people are certainly scared of, which Luis played brilliantly.

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On Instagram, he plays up to his role from the show perfectly. He shares a lot of images related to his character, which is likely why he gained such a big following, as fans of the series enjoy seeing that.

RJ Mitte (Walter Jr.) – 188k Followers

Walter Jr. is a big part of the series and someone who really provides a lot of emotional grounding for the show. He’s the constant reminder of who his father is committing crimes for, and the fact he blindly looks up to him as a hero, only to eventually see what he really is, makes for one of the best storylines in the series.

RJ Mitte played the role well, helping to add both heart and comedy to his character, which was crucial in making it so compelling. On Instagram, he has almost 200,000 followers, where he showcases his life and a lot of the charity work that he gets up to.

Dean Norris (Hank Schrader) – 414k Followers

Hank Schrader is one of the funniest characters in Breaking Bad, but he is also the moral compass for the show at times too. He’s deeply passionate about his job, and his obsession with catching Heisenberg knows no bounds, which eventually leads him to a secret he doesn’t want to know.

Dean Norris’s delivery for Hank was great. He brought the awkward dad jokes, while also making it clear he was an ass-kicker within his job, all while having a lack of confidence and vulnerability later on. He posts a lot of great content for fans, including plenty of Breaking Bad goodness.

Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo Fring) – 515k Followers

The character of Gustavo Fring really brings Breaking Bad to life in a totally new way. His balance of calmness with pure hate and violence is something that makes him an intriguing and unique character. Giancarlo Esposito pulls off the role perfectly, and he’s since gone on to have plenty of success.

His role in The Mandalorian has taken him to an even wider audience, and he often shares images from on the set of the Disney+ series, which fans love. He gets a good balance between real-life content and work posts, while he also shares a lot of artwork and things that fans create for him.

Krysten Ritter (Jane Margolis) – 1.4 Million Followers

The character of Jane Margolis wasn’t on Breaking Bad for that long in comparison to others, and she certainly met an unfortunate end on the show. However, the character had a positive impact overall on Jesse for the time she was on the show.

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Krysten Ritter is a terrific actress and someone who is popular online, as is highlighted by her Instagram following. However, her major following on Instagram is mainly down to her role in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, her best-known role.

Bill Burr (Kuby) – 1.5 Million Followers

Bill Burr took on a comedic role within Breaking Bad, as he worked for Saul Goodman in a role that Bill really relished. The character alongside Huell was a lot of fun, and together the two of them played off each other nicely within the show.

Bull, just like his Breaking Bad co-star, Giancarlo Esposito has also gone on to be part of The Mandalorian. However, his major following comes from his work as a comedian, and his Instagram often features clips of him cutting jokes or with footage from his hilarious podcast.

Bryan Cranston (Walter White) – 2.8 Million Followers

Bryan Cranston was the biggest name when this show began, but that was mainly due to his comedic work with Malcolm In The Middle. However, playing Walter White showed him in a different manner in what became one of the greatest performances of all time.

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However, he still shows his comedic side on social media, with his Instagram feed being a hilarious one. He often shows funny pictures and videos of himself, while also blending that by pushing causes close to his heart, using his large following for the greater good.

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) – 4.9 Million Followers

When it comes to the battle of the social media accounts, it is Jesse who beats Walt in the follower’s battle. Boasting just shy of 5 million followers, Aaron Paul has a great audience, and recently he has been using that to push the alcohol that he and Bryan Cranston created together, named doshombres.

Outside of that, he keeps his fans updated with what projects he has going on, and Aaron does a terrific job at connecting with his audience, using humor often to entertain people, which is why he’s got such a large number of followers.

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