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Breaking Bad, Rocky, Jurassic Park & More Imagined As 80s Sitcoms In Genre-Bending AI Art

Rocky, Breaking Bad, X-Men, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and more iconic IP become bizarre '80s sitcoms in genre-bending new AI-generated art.


  •  The use of AI technology has led to the creation of bizarre and outrageous artwork reimagining famous characters from iconic franchises as stars of 1980s sitcoms.
  •  The 80s sitcom aesthetic adds a wacky and weird twist to serious universes like the MCU, making the characters appear in cheesy costumes on cheap-looking sets.
  •  It’s interesting to imagine how iconic IPs like Transformers and Breaking Bad would be transformed into sitcoms, given their popularity in the 80s and the comedic elements already present in Breaking Bad.

RockyBreaking BadX-MenJurassic ParkStar Wars and more iconic IP become bizarre ’80s sitcoms in genre-bending new AI-generated art. The advent of AI is leading to consternation on multiple fronts, becoming a key issue in the ongoing battle between striking writers and actors and the studios and streamers that make today’s content. But though AI’s arrival may have certain terrifying implications, creators are nevertheless embracing it as a tool, using it to make outrageous and bizarre works in a variety of different styles.

A new example of the crazy things AI can create has indeed hit the internet, as Redditor MagicJourknees shares a collection of works imagining famous characters from various iconic franchises transformed into sitcom stars of the 1980s. Generated using Midjourney, the hilarious images send RockyBreaking BadX-MenJurassic ParkStar WarsGladiatorTransformersConan the BarbarianPredatorWALL-E and The Avengers hurtling into an alternate dimension of ‘80s cheesiness. Check out the images in the space below:

‘80s Sitcom Style Is Comedy Gold

Walter White in Breaking Bad AI art making a wacky face in a cheesy kitchen

The specificity of the ‘80s sitcom aesthetic makes it a perfect art style in which to re-imagine some of today’s most iconic characters. Even a universe as serious as the MCU immediately becomes wacky and weird, as the characters are ripped from their reality and placed in cheesy costumes on a cheap-looking set. Add an imaginary laugh track and this version of The Avengers could be a hilarious addition to an ‘80s comedy lineup alongside the likes of ALFPerfect Strangers and Night Court.

Some of the images featured above indeed imagine IP that was already ubiquitous in the ‘80s, including Rocky and Star Wars, alongside later arrivals like WALL-E. It’s easy to imagine something like Transformers being turned into a bad sitcom by a misguided network executive, given that the Transformers toy line was already huge in the 1980s. Breaking Bad as a 1980s sitcom would arguably be the most fascinating of all the experiments suggested by the artwork above, given how the show already straddled the line between comedy and drama.

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