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Breaking Bad: The Greatest Bromances, Ranked

Breaking Bad is a very intense show, but that doesn't mean that its character didn't have the time to develop great friendships along the way.

Breaking Bad has a lot of violence, aggression, and death, with betrayal and backstabbing being a common theme throughout the show. However, while there are plenty of great enemies throughout the show, there’s also plenty of terrific friendships as well, with many characters coming together and showcasing a great bond.

Even though the vast majority of the characters are criminals living in the drug world, that doesn’t stop them from building some blossoming friendships where they get to have some fun together. There is time for comedy within this show as well, and a lot of that comes from some of the fantastic bromances that the series created.

Walter White & Gale Boetticher

Gale works with Walter in the lab in Breaking Bad

Two scientists coming together and forming a bond over their genuine love for the subject is a lot of fun to watch. They’re like-minded individuals who really don’t belong in the criminal world, yet their extreme talent at what they do lands them together.

For Walt, it is refreshing to work with somebody who truly loves and understands the science behind it all, and the friendship that blossoms turns into a fantastic one, for a little while at least.

Walter White & Hank Schrader

Walt and Hank drunk together at his birthday party in Breaking Bad

Hank Schrader and Walter White have quite an underrated friendship within Breaking Bad, mainly because they’re playing a game of cat and mouse as Hank tries to catch Heisenberg. However, prior to Hank working out that Walt is behind all of that, the two of them actually have a fun bromance.

They don’t always see eye to eye because they have different views and opinions at times. However, they always keep the peace and have fun when they’re together at a family party, often ending up on journeys together in the car which typically ends up being hilarious.

Huell Babineaux & Patrick Kuby

Huell and Kuby standing in front of a pile of money in Breaking Bad

The two men that Saul Goodman hires to help him out end up being a hilarious duo together on the show. They’re not featured or focused on as often as other characters, but when they are it ends up being a lot of fun, as they don’t take things too seriously.

While they always get the job done, there’s often an exasperated tone to go with it, as they often don’t want to be doing what they’re doing. But their back and forth conversations are always a joy to watch, making them a fun bromance.

Jesse Pinkman & Brock Cantillo

Jessie Pinkman and Brock playing video games together

Jesse Pinkman might have some low moments or times when he isn’t always being kind to other people, but when it comes to children, Jesse is always at his nicest. That’s clear with young Brock, with whom he grows a brilliant bond, as the two of them get along perfectly.

They have fun together and form a genuine bromance, with Jesse always taking the time to speak with him and make sure he’s doing well. Brock is quite a shy child, but he is always full of personality around Jesse, and that’s because of their strong and genuine bond.

Walter White & Walter White Jr.

Walter White with his son Flynn in Breaking Bad

Another great dynamic that developed in the show was between the father and son duo of Walter White and Walt Jr. Their relationship might end up going downhill when Walt Jr. finally learns about what he has done, but prior to that, they’re very close together.

Walt Jr. sees his father as a hero and the two of them work well together as a team when needed. They have fun together at points and Walt genuinely tries to teach him and help him grow as a person, which makes their connection so great.

Saul Goodman & Mike Ehrmantraut

Saul looking angry at Mike in Better Call Saul

This friendship is one that is built from necessity, not because they genuinely like each other. However, Saul and Mike are often hilarious when they share the screen, bringing real humor to the show due to how different they are as people.

While they can both annoy each other, at the same time, there’s respect between them, and the back and forth banter that they have together is something that makes them a lot of fun to watch.

Jesse Pinkman & Walter White

Jesse and Walt cook meth

The two lead characters are seen as the ultimate friends in the eyes of most fans, and that is true for the majority of the show. They’re a hilarious pair that works brilliantly together, taking over the drug world with their fantastic crystal meth product.

However, it is the great one-liners and the hilarious way that Walt puts up with Jesse throughout the show that makes them such a great pair of friends. Of course, they have some seriously low moments as well, which stops them from becoming the greatest bromance. But, Walt’s final act of saving Jesse showcases their true friendship.

Jesse Pinkman & Mike Erhmantraut

Jesse and Mike in the car together in Breaking Bad

This is a friendship that nobody ever expected to actually happen, purely because Jesse and Mike couldn’t be more different if they tried. However, that is ultimately what makes them such fantastic friends, with Mike slowly growing to accept Jesse as they learn to respect each other.

It was an odd couple pairing, as Mike would like to be silent and get to work on his own, meanwhile, Jesse was a chatterbox who would bombard him with questions. The combination took time to click, but once it did they became fantastic friends.

Skinny Pete & Badger

Badger and Skinny Pete together in the back of Walt's car

Skinny Pete and Badger are Jesse’s longtime friends, and while they have a great bond with him, it is their friendship together that stands out. They’re a hilarious partnership, as they’re two characters that are just all about fun.

They’re often high when they are together, and that brings a lot of their best scenes, with Badger asking plenty of questions about life, while Skinny Pete just comes out with great comments and one-liners. They work together well when they need to actually earn money, but they’re at their best when they’re just relaxing at home.

Hank Schrader & Steve Gomez

Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez interrogating together

Out of all the characters on this show, the best bromance is between Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez. They’re great friends from before the show begins, and because of that audiences are just thrown into their great bond, which is a lot of fun to see.

They work effectively together when it comes to their job, which they take seriously. Yet they always make sure that there’s time for fun, often having great banter with each other. And, the fact they’re prepared to fight together in any situation showcases their true love for one another.

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