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Breaking Bad’s Most Bizarre Death Scene Started As A Joke

Danny Trejo had an unforgettable cameo in Breaking Bad, but details surrounding his character's death weren't planned from the beginning.

Over the course of five seasons, Breaking Bad presented an array of memorable scenes, but nothing came close to Tortuga’s exploding head. Legendary actor Danny Trejo played the character for a special cameo role in Vince Gilligan’s series. His stint may have been short, but Trejo’s appearance left a lasting impact on the show’s legacy when it came to unorthodox death scenes. Speaking of unorthodox, Tortuga’s demise in the series proved Breaking Bad‘s creative process could be quite random at times, seeing as the scene’s twist stemmed from a joke

Tortuga first appeared in the Breaking Bad season 2 episode titled “Negro y Azul.” Aside from being a drug runner for the cartel, the man was also a DEA informant, providing intel on his boss, Juan Bolsa (Javier Grajeda). Agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) wasn’t too fond of Tortuga, but he managed to get information on a deal about to take place. As Hank and other DEA agents staked out the location, they were met by a tortoise with Tortuga’s severed head attached to the shell. When an agent lifted the head, C4 implanted in the skull exploded. Trejo reprised his role for a flashback in season 4, which documented the moments leading up to his death at the hands of “The Cousins” (Daniel and Luis Moncada).

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The scene confirming Tortuga’s death was poetic, considering his severed head was attached to the shell of a tortoise. The Spanish word “Tortuga” directly translates to “tortoise,” explaining the distinct use of the reptile. By revealing Tortuga’s death, the cartel sent a clear message to the DEA, indicating they were well aware of the man playing both sides. Whereas Hank was bothered by the sight of Tortuga’s severed head, other DEA agents viewed it as a joke, taunting and laughing at what was left of their informant. By not taking the situation seriously, the agent who lifted the head was killed by the explosion while three others were injured. Ironically, the fate of Tortuga and the figure’s exploding head started out as a joke that the writers decided to take a chance on. The wild discussions definitely paid off when looking back at the impact Trejo’s shocking arc had on season 3 and beyond.

How Tortuga’s Breaking Bad Tortoise Scene Came To Be


Tortuga’s tortoise scene is one of the most unforgettable sequences in Breaking Bad‘s history. Interestingly, the show’s writers originally struggled with the fate of Trejo’s character. According to writer Gennifer Hutchison’s intel on the scene during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015 (via The Wrap), the Tortuga’s arc didn’t come together quickly. Hutchison pitched the tortoise idea while someone in the writers’ room said, “and then it should explode,” when referencing Tortuga’s severed head. The writers laughed about the idea for two weeks before taking a step back and seriously considering the option.

The plan for Tortuga’s exploding head may have come out of left field, but it effectively added to the context of the character’s relationship to the cartel. Ironically, the foundation for the entire Breaking Bad series started from a joke during a conversation between series creator Vince Gilligan and his close friend. The series is still known for its brilliant storytelling and character development, but Tortuga’s fate proves that some of the show’s best moments arose unexpectedly.

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