Can you tell what show Harry Morgan is in?

The career of this M*A*S*H standout was extensive!

Harry Morgan will forever be associated with his roles as Bill Gannon from Dragnet and Col. Sherman T. Potter from M*A*S*H, and rightfully so, as those roles were some of his best.

Before and after those standouts, Morgan could be seen in films and on television in various roles, several of which were fittingly authoritative ones.

Can you tell what show Harry Morgan is in?

    1. Here, Morgan’s character interacts with a bird. Do you know what show this is?
    2. Morgan was no stranger to appearing in Westerns. Here he is right after taking a shot in what show?
    3. This is him as a Western sheriff. Do you know what show this is?
  1. What show is he appearing in here?
  2. This is a bearded Harry Morgan in an episode of…

    Image: Universal Television

  3. Here he plays the character of Osgood Pickett. What show is this?
  4. This is Morgan in…
  5. What show is Harry Morgan in here?
  6. What about here?

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