‘Chicago Med’ Cast Teases Big Surprises Coming in Season 7 Finale

As fans gear up for Chicago Med’s upcoming Season 7 finale tonight, actors Brian Tee and Steven Weber give us the details on the explosive episode. The medical drama, which premiered on NBC in 2015, is part of the “One Chicago” franchise that also includes “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.,” and “Chicago Justice.”

“Chicago Med” follows the staff of the emergency department of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and their various stories as they attempt to save lives.

Tee and Weber are both a part of the Season 7 cast of “Chicago Med.” Since day one, Tee has been on the series starring as Dr. Ethan Choi, an infectious disease expert. He arrived at the hospital after serving as a medical officer as part of the United States Navy Reserve.

In contrast, Weber is a newer member of the cast. He joined in a recurring role in Season 6 before being upgraded to a series regular in Season 7. He plays Dr. Dean Archer, a Navy emergency doctor who is also Dr. Choi’s former mentor.

Both Tee and Weber revealed what fans could expect during the Season 7 finale, which airs tonight. The episode will be crucial to the character arcs of both Choi and Archer. Dr. Choi has just stepped down as ED chief, and Dr. Archer replaced him.

Although Tee’s character has been missing from a large portion of the season due to a gunshot wound, he hints at a “massive surprise at the end.” In addition, Weber calls the final episode of the season “exciting as hell,” adding he was “very moved.”

‘Chicago Med’ finale set to close a door on several storylines

“I was very moved after the season’s arcs,” Weber says of the dramatic conclusion. “A lot of the stories are tied up, but not in a neat way. It’s fascinating, and it’s great to be able to actually observe Ethan get a sense of closure. It’s a sense of it, without giving too much away. And also, it’s just a good damn show.”

During tonight’s “Chicago Med” finale, which is appropriately titled “And Now We Come to the End,” fans will get a resolution to certain storylines.

“It’s a good damn story. And it’s very satisfying. It’s really satisfying,” Weber continued. “Without giving too much away, it’s exciting as hell! This episode is not just Ethan, and Archer looking at Ethan. There’s stuff going on, that’s gonna make people go “WHAT?!”

Undoubtedly, viewers will see Will and Hannah as they clash over a kidney transplant, Crockett having a tough time while Blake is in surgery, and a new person joining the team.

Yet, the most exciting storyline is Ethan and Archer, who must work on what might be the most critical patient in the show’s history: the hospital general counsel’s son.

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