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Italian actress Monica Bellucci arrives for the scre >>> ANSA / ning of ‘Le Meraviglie’ (The Wonders Italian actress Monica Bellucci (ANSA)

Her Instagram profile is like a professional book: beautiful photos, fashion shoots, photos on red carpets around the world, very few forays into private life, except for her model daughter Deva Cassel.

“That distance [that once was] between the public and the people in show business no longer exists,” says Monica Bellucci in an interview with Vogue Uk as she debuts in London with the Maria Callas show, ‘Maria Callas: Letters & Memoirs’ at Her Majesty’s Theater on April 24, on a European tour.


Monica Bellucci, I diva?

I’m not the Callas – Lifestyle

“I had the first daughter at 39, the second at 44, at 50 I became a Bond girl, at 55 I made my debut in the theater. (ANSA)

The former Bond girl is eager to keep her air of mystery.

“All I can do is help her find her passion,” says Bellucci of her eldest daughter Deva, who is still in the final year of school but is already involved in fashion.

“I like the idea that you are happy!”

Both of Monica Bellucci’s girls (Léonie, the younger of her two daughters with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel, is 11 years old) love fashion, the 57-year-old actress who walked the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk in 2018.

“The way you dress is how you express yourself,” she says.

“That’s how fashion gets interesting, the choices [you make].”

By reviewing the sartorial choices of Bellucci over the years, some clear themes emerge, first of all the type of sensual and seductive glamor, the low-cut dresses – almost always black – designed to enhance her curves and the rebellious waves that escape from the hairstyles.

“Of course I dreamed of being like those actresses like Claudia Cardinale or Anita Ekberg or other Fellini-like protagonists when I was young,” says Bellucci, who was born in Perugia.

She also cites Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford and Lana Turner as inspirations – all enigmatic.

Bellucci’s red carpet wardrobe overflows with

elegant black satin and lace dresses

, but her all-time favorite look was the leopard print.

“It’s the dress I wore in 2000 to the Under Suspicion premiere with Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman,” she says.

“It makes me think of that first time in Cannes.”

The feline dress was Dolce and Gabbana, the diamonds, Cartier.

“My favorite jewels are all by Cartier,” confides Monica, a longtime friend of the house, particularly fond of her signature Panthère pieces.

“I love their simplicity”.

Her simple style essentials remain the same: “Knee-length black dress, long black dress, black shoes” – but when asked to reveal her beauty secrets, the answers to Vogue Uk are “Think young “, That’s how he sums up his approach to aging gracefully. It’s important to” keep getting excited about new things, “like debuting this weekend in London’s West End at Her Majesty’s Theater. What’s next? A comedy , Mafia Mamma, with Toni Collette, and a thriller, Memory, with Liam Neeson.

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