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Every Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul Finale (Ranked By IMDb)

Both shows have been tremendous and were met well with fans and critics alike. Here's every finale so far, ranked by IMDb voters.

Breaking Bad went down in history as one of the greatest television shows of all time, keeping things simple with a small cast and an incredibly detailed storyline that followed Walter White, a chemistry teacher into a world of crime as he becomes a meth cook alongside his former student.

The show was a huge hit and went on to tremendous success, creating a spin-off show,

Marco (8.7)

We kickstart this list with the season one finale of Better Call Saul, which was titled ‘Marco’ and gained an IMDb rating of 8.7, which shows just how high the quality of the season finales are for these two shows, with this being the lowest-rated.

While Better Call Saul hadn’t quite hit its full stride by this point, Marco was a great way to wrap up the original season as Jimmy takes the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, all while Chuck attempts to start to adjust to a new way of living. While it wasn’t the most thrilling final episode of the show, it certainly did enough to draw viewers back for the second season, which is the key here.

A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal (8.9)

Next on the list is the lowest-rated season finale in Breaking Bad’s history, which took place in the first season, proving that the show only went on to get stronger, even though this episode still got a fantastic rating of 8.9 on IMDb.

The characters and story weren’t quite as fleshed out as they were in later seasons, which is likely why it ranked lower than others, but this is still an incredible episode of television. In this episode, Walt and Jesse realize just how deep they have gotten into this world, having made deals with Tuco that they are struggling to keep up with due to the fact ingredients are tough to find, meanwhile Skyler learns that her sister is a shoplifter in this episode, confronting her.

Klick (9.0)

Next on the list is the episode ‘Klick,’ which is the second season finale for Better Call Saul and gained an impressive 9.0 rating from IMDb, proving that the spin-off show was more than capable of living up to the lofty heights of Breaking Bad. 

In this episode, Jimmy is forced to make a difficult choice after Chuck takes a fall, but he refuses to put him into psychiatric care, instead, deciding to take temporary guardianship of him, waiting for him to regain consciousness. This episode also had a large focus on Mike, as he continued to be focused more on the show, continuing to develop his character on this show.

Lantern (9.2)

‘Lantern’ was rated 9.2 by IMDb, with this being one of the greatest episodes in Better Call Saul’s history as season three was brought to a close. The episode focuses on Jimmy as he tries to make amends to solve issues that were created throughout the show.

Nacho also makes a major gamble with his own future, putting pressure on himself, while Chuck has a major relapse of his condition, leading him to tear his entire house apart as his mental instability grows progressively worse. The episode is a perfect finish to the third season, with some major moments such as Hector collapsing from a stroke, which is caused by Nacho himself as things really ramp up ahead of the fourth season.

ABQ (9.3)

Next on the list is Breaking Bad’s season two finale, titled ‘ABQ,’ which was rated 9.3 by IMDb, showing just how good this episode of the show is, where Walter White’s lies begin to catch up on him as he unravels and Skyler takes the children and leaves him. Away from Walt’s life crashing down on him, it is clear that the events of the season are beginning to catch up on Jesse, as he emotionally unravels as his life hits rock bottom.

Blaming himself for Jane’s death, he ends up going and taking himself into rehab where he tries to work through the problems as Walter attempts to convince him to return to work.

Winner (9.6)

Better Call Saul has only got stronger and stronger throughout the series, and that is highlighted by the fact that season four’s final episode, titled ‘Winner’ was given a strong 9.6 rating by IMDb, with this episode heavily featuring Mike. Mike is forced to make a major decision that is an incredibly difficult one, and certainly got fans wondering what he would do, while Jimmy’s reputation takes a turn as well. Gus’s operation continues to ramp up in this episode as well, as the show continued to develop his popular character, which was one of the greatest from the Breaking Bad series.

Full Measure (9.7)

‘Full Measure’ features one of Breaking Bad’s most shocking moments as Jesse is forced to kill Gale, in a decision that doesn’t help with his mental state, but it is a decision that has to be made for the future of the business.

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However, it is the showdown between Gus and Walter White, who embraces his inner Heisenberg character to its full potential that really steals the episode, with the two men finally coming to blows in the best way possible. This is a tremendous episode that really did show Breaking Bad at its gripping best, with incredible scenes that leave fans stunned throughout.

Face-Off (9.9)

With an almost perfect IMDb score of 9.9, ‘Face-Off,’ which is the season four finale is not only one of the greatest episodes of Breaking Bad, but it is also one of the best episodes of television in history, and rightfully so, with this tremendous episode summing up the show perfectly.

The episode is all about Walt and Jesse doing everything they can to destroy Gus once and for all, attempting to kill him to finally rid themselves of the man who has been ruining their lives. While they attempt different things and have several ideas, in the end, they need to call upon an old enemy to help them to finally kill him, which creates one of Breaking Bad’s most iconic images with Gus’s half-face.

Felina (9.9)

Breaking Bad did not disappoint when it came to its final episode, smashing it out of the park with ‘Felina’ which got an almost perfect score, with IMDb rating it 9.9 in the final ever episode of the hit show, ending things in the perfect manner.

From Walter White returning and visiting his former family home, which has been abandoned, to him creating a machine gun in his trunk to make sure that his last act is to save Jesse from his imprisonment with the Nazis.

Things end in a perfect way as Jesse gets to drive away to his freedom (as we learned about in El Camino), while Walt gets to have one final embrace with his greatest achievement, the meth lab.

Better Call Saul, which went back in time and focused on the life of the crooked lawyer, while adding several characters from Breaking Bad as well. Both shows have been tremendous and were met well with fans and critics alike, and within this article, we will take a look at the season finales of every season, ranking them by their IMDb scores.

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