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Gladys is the tea lady at the school at which Jeremy Brown teaches. She first appears in “An Inspector Calls” and is played by Iris Sadler.

Gladys is a shameless gossip, as revealed when she tells Mr. Brown’s entire class about his birthday and Miss Courtney about Mr. Brown’s “engagement” to Danielle.[1][2] She used to sing in a choir and was known for being able to dance The Veleta skillfully.[3] She also has a sister who fell in love with her 30-year-old milkman when she was 65.[4]

Gladys tells Mr. Brown a little about her husband Wally in “Take Your Partners”, but she later says Mr. English reminds her of her late husband.[5] This makes it unclear if Wally has died or if she’s referring to a man she was married to previously.

In Season 4, Gladys is replaced by Rita.

Gladys – Union Jack
Gladys in her Union Jack dress and hat

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