Gorgeous looks of stunning actress Monica Bellucci: then vs now

Monica Bellucci, best known with the title ‘Bond Girl’ given to her by the audience, made her first debut in her acting career in 1992. The Italian model-actress has been seen in a wide range of movies throughout her career. We have seen the beauty age over the years only looking at her best self with each passing day. Today let’s look at the pictures of the actress from then v/s now that will surely make you feel nostalgic. Monica is a true beauty. When she entered the industry itself, she managed to make everyone have a huge crush on her for her amazing facial features and her good looks. Monica was the perfect definition of what beauty is, back then. Her charming looks were enough to make us go crazy for the beautiful actress. But that hasn’t changed still, even now at the age of 56 the ‘Irreversible’ actress has left no stones unturned to maintain her magnificently beautiful looks and still has lots of fans who are gushing over her.

In her almost 3 decades of career span in the Hollywood industry, she achieved great heights and has become one of the most commercially successful actresses of all times. Looking back at the actress’s old photographs proves it to us that she has aged like fine wine and her beauty only gets better with age.

With her killer looks still in fact, even today Monica Bellucci is much capable of captivating the audience with her bewitching looks. Take a look at the beautiful Monica Bellucci’s then vs now photographs that will leave you amazed.

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