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He Can’t Keep Getting Away With It: 10 Tragic Breaking Bad Moments That Fans Turned Into Memes

Breaking Bad had its fair share of tragic moments throughout the series, but that hasn't kept fans from coming up with memes about said tragedies.

Breaking Bad had its fair share of tragic moments throughout the series. There was plenty of death, violence, and loss to go around, and the show famously got very heavy at times. Perhaps to lighten the mood, fans have taken many of these tragic moments and turned them into memes.

Some images from Breaking Bad scenes have been used over and over. Others are original artwork used to add a bit of humor. And while Breaking Bad might not strike people has one that lends itself well to memes, fans still managed to take some of the most horrid moments of the series and make them funny enough.

Jesse’s Meltdown

breaking bad jesse he can't keep getting away with it

Jesse Pinkman had an especially rough time on Breaking Bad. After he came to the realization that Walt was the one who poisoned Brock, he went to Walt’s house with gasoline to burn it to the ground.

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Hank managed to stop him in the nick of time, but Jesse’s frustration with all the terrible things Walt has done finally boils over with the iconic line, “He can’t keep getting away with it!” Reddit user u/hey_girl_ya_hungry combined this sad scene with various suspenseful movies to create this meme.

The Plane Crash

breaking bad memes jane's dad

One of the earliest tragedies of Breaking Bad occurred when Jesse’s girlfriend Jane died during a heroin trip. The resulting grief caused her father Donald, an aircraft controller, to fail to stop two planes from crashing into each other, resulting in 167 deaths.

This meme points out that although Donald appeared in only four episodes, he caused the deaths of far more people than the show’s drug dealing main characters.

Gale’s Death

breaking bad gale's death meme

Poor Gale really was such a nice guy. In a series full of violent people and borderline sociopaths, a guy who just likes to make coffee, read books and sing to Italian music was a nice break.

Gale is polite, intelligent, and eager to please. Unfortunately, he got caught up with Walt and Jesse and ended up dead. This meme really captures the disappointment that the nicest character in the series met such an unfair end.

Ted’s Unfortunate Turn Of Events

breaking bad ted meme

Things really take a turn for Ted Beneke. He starts off as a handsome and successful businessman who hires Skyler as an accountant. However, later in the series, Ted gets in some trouble with the IRS. He also trips and severely injures his neck while trying to escape Saul’s men.

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The last time fans saw Ted he was in the hospital with a neck brace on, likely bankrupt and on the verge of losing his company. The meme of these two images of him side by side by u/palebluedot1988 is a pretty great analogy of how 2020 completely derailed everyone’s plans.

Walt Poisons Brock

breaking bad walt poisons brock

It was a tragic moment when Jesse discovered that Brock had been poisoned. Although Walt was the one who did this unspeakable thing, he did a pretty good job of pretending to be shocked and horrified when Jesse broke the news.

He even managed to pin the atrocious act on Gus for awhile. This meme makes fun of Walt’s false surprise and horror when he was told that Brock had been poisoned.

Jesus Christ Marie

breaking bad they're minerals meme edited

They’re minerals! Hank, unfortunately, did not survive through the events of Breaking Bad and the realization of his death was a tragic moment for Marie. This comic strip meme couldn’t help but imagine Hank giving Marie one final correction at his funeral.

Walt Breaks Down In Front Of His Son

breaking bad walt jr breakfast meme

After fighting with Jesse, Walt breaks down in front of his son in a truly heartbreaking scene. However, this meme makes a joke about the fact that Walt Jr. is obsessed with breakfast throughout the series.

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It shows Walt breaking the bad news that there isn’t anything for breakfast to Walt Jr.

Walt’s Confession

breaking bad jesse walt meme edited

In the episode “Ozymandias” Walt finally confesses the crushing truth to Jesse: that he watched Jane choke on her own vomit and did nothing to save her.

Another iconic scene in this series occurs when Skyler tells Walt that she slept with Ted. This meme hilariously combined the two lines.

Hank’s Death

breaking bad walt in the desert

Various memes of Walt’s face after Hank is shot and killed cropped up all over the internet after the episode aired. This meme uses the image to play on the expression, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

It’s a little silly but made fans laugh regardless and perhaps helped them come to terms with the untimely end of one of the best characters on television.

Jesse Finally Escapes

breaking bad jesse's escape meme

Things took an especially bad turn for Jesse after he was imprisoned and forced to cook meth by Todd. In the episode “Felina” he is finally free from this terrible fate and he drives away screaming.

The Breaking Bad spinoff movie El Camino picks up where the finale left off. But this meme noted that Jesse’s beard is quite a bit longer in El Camino than it is in “Felina.”

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