“I was in crisis, it saved me singing for Sophia Loren”

I was expecting to get excited like this. During the lockdown, I felt lost for the first time. In crisis. I was postponing listening to the new album. I was wondering if it might interest anyone that I still sing. Then it came “I do (Seen)” and I never stopped ».

Laura Pausini his voice trembles when he talks about the web conference (one hundred connected journalists) Oscar-nominated soundtrack for “The Life Ahead”. It is released today all over the world and in 4 languages ​​in Ep, recorded in Romagna and with the text written with Niccolò Agliardi: «I’m here more an interpreter than an author». Pausini is the musical voice of Edoardo Ponti’s film that brings (after 11 years) back to the film set Sophia Loren. “She chose me. And I get goosebumps. I also saw her sing (and you will see her too!) ». It refers to the video clip of the song that will be released in two days in which they will appear together.

To compose it, Diane Warren – 11 Oscar nominations, 1 Golden Globe and a sequel of Grammys – with which Pausini collaborates for the first time. “Being nominated for an Oscar is already happiness for me. As soon as I found out, I ate a hamburger (my prize, before going on a diet again) ». The film – which will be released on November 3 and available on Netflix from 13 – is the story of blacks and desks, of abandonment and loneliness.

«A theme that is close to my heart. As a woman, I see Loren as the Italian symbol of Italy ». And on the current situation: «I hope that the Government will respond to our requests for help to save the music, which I do not think it has done so far. We have to make ourselves heard. The most important thing we have is art. In all its forms ».

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