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A man from another school that teaches English offers Mr. Brown a job there with a high salary as a teacher already there is leaving. Then when Mr. Brown goes there the man who had left has come back so they don’t need him after all. Meanwhile, Miss Courtney has hired a teacher to replace Mr. Brown, but the students like Mr. Brown, so they come up with a plan to get rid of him and make Mr. Brown come back.

(Juan and Su-Lee are doing a role-play.)

Juan: Uh, you want a drink?

Su-Lee: I don’t dlink. Bad for river.

Juan: Uh, cigarette?

Su-Lee: I don’t smoke. Bad for rungs.

Juan: Hehehehe…I bet you’re not married, eh?

Su-Lee: You are very lude! (Slaps Juan.)

Juan: Hey! What’s the matter with you? I just make a joke! What you want to talk about?

Su-Lee: We could discuss whether dictatorship of ploretaliat better than dictatorship of bourgeois capitarist.

Juan: We can’t do that.

Su-Lee: (Grabs Juan by the collar.) Why not?

Juan: Because I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Mr. English: Now then, I shall come straight to the point.

Mr. Brown: Good.

Mr. English: No use beating about the bush.

Mr. Brown: No.

Mr. English: After all, procrastination is a thief of time.

Mr. Brown: Absolutely.

Mr. English: Never put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today.

Mr. Brown: Very true.

Mr. English: Now then…where was I?

Miss Courtney: I hope you’ll be happy, but I think I can safely say you won’t find another principal like me.

Mr. Brown: I’m sure I won’t.

(Mr. Brown reports to the English School of Languages to start his new job.)

Mr. English: Oh. Um…have you left your other position, then?

Mr. Brown: Well, yes; I gave them my notice last night.

Mr. English: Dear, dear, dear, dear…that’s most unfortunate.

Mr. Brown: Why?

Mr. English: Well, you see, we don’t need anybody now. The chap that left came back again. Good, isn’t it?

Mr. Brown: Not for me, it isn’t.

Mr. English: No…oh no, no, I suppose not, no, no, I…why, dear…what will you do now, Mr. Brownstop?

Mr. Brown: Brown!

Mr. English: Brown! Brown! Brown!

Mr. Brown: There’s only one thing I can do.

Mr. English: And what’s that?

Mr. Brown: Which way’s the nearest unemployment exchange?

Mr. Wilkins: What is an apostrophe?

Anna: According to the New Testament, there are Twelve Apostrophes.

Mr. Wilkins: You. Give me a sentence using the word “defer”.

Max: Minks are bred for defer.

Mr. Wilkins: You. Explain the meaning of the phrase “to bury the hatchet”.

Danielle: To chop someone’s head off.

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