M*A*S*H Icon Alan Alda Posts Selfies Getting First Round of Shots, Speaks Out

Legendary actor Alan Alda posts his “vaxxie” selfie as he becomes one of many elder celebrities to speak out on receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

Posting to his official Twitter account today, MAS*H icon, author, and podcast host Alan Alda is letting the world know he’s received the COVID-19 vaccine. At 85-years-old, Alda is at high risk from the virus that’s claimed over 447,000 lives so far. Sharing photos of his own vaccination process, however, means that Alda should now stay COVID-free.

“Got my first shot today,” Alda states. “I expected soreness, but so far, none. Feeling great. Here’s my Vaxxie,” he captions, in reference to his selfie whilst receiving the vaccine.

Furthermore, the “vaxxie” hashtag is a social media effort Alda has been backing directly since the early days of COVID vaccination media coverage. Moreover, Alda’s own posts show his consistency in dealing with the pandemic:

“What if we take a selfie when we get vaccinated and post it on social media?” Alda originally posted to Twitter in December of 2020. “We all need to hear from people we trust that they’re with the program. Let’s post our positivity. Don’t just take a selfie, take a Vaxxie!”

Now, a month and a half on, Alan Alda is true to his word – posting his own #Vaxxie as he receives his vaccination.

Alan Alda Vaccination Draws M*A*S*H Parallels

Of course, many of Alda’s sharp fans remember the classic MAS*H gag from Season 2, Episode 11. The episode, titled, “Carry On, Hawkeye” sees all of the 4077 come down with the flu. When it comes time for Hawkeye to get an experimental flu vaccination, as fans will remember, he requests it in the “tooshie…”

One such Alan Alda fan, Mark Sweeney, posts the tongue-in-cheek reference in response to the actor’s tweet. “You didn’t insist on getting the vaccine in your tushie?” Sweeney asks jokingly, including a gif of the famous M*A*S*H line.

Many parallels between the current COVID-19 vaccination and the original flu vaccinations exist, especially by those old enough to remember the arrival of the very first flu vaccines. M*A*S*H deals with much of this uncertainty of the time, in addition to the possible pros & cons of vaccination.

Relive the classic moment below as Hawkeye and Margaret come to terms with how this whole vaccination thing is going to work:

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