Pokemon Fan Makes Cyndaquil Skateboard

A Pokemon fan decides to take their favorite pocket monster out of the games and into real life by putting some awesome art on their skateboard.

Cyndaquil is one of the most popular fire-starters in the Pokemon franchise. Despite the fire mouse Pokemon and its evolutions not being the most meta picks for competitive gamers, the design of Cyndaquil has charmed many fans since it was first introduced in the second generation of Pokemon games. Cyndaquil was even brought back for the most recent Pokemon release in Legends Arceus and made up one of three returning starter Pokemon given new final evolutions in the Hisui region.

One Pokemon fan in particular decided that traveling the lands of old Sinnoh or Hisui with Cyndaquil wasn’t enough, and they wanted to bring it along their journeys in the real world too. Reddit user alsoHarrison showed off their Cyndaquil skateboard with a picture, displaying the impressive art. Rather than just sticking Cyndaquil on the board and being done with it, alsoHarrison created a whole new skateboard for their tribute, featuring Pokeballs all over the board and a fire emblem at the bottom.

Interestingly as well in the Cyndaquil art, the fire Pokemon seems to be wearing a scarf or bandana around its neck. This would imply for Pokemon fans that this Cyndaquil does not come from the mainline games. Instead, it may be that alsoHarrison was using the design of Cyndaquil as it appears in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, where players take on the role of a Pokemon based on their answers to a personality quiz.

In the comments of the Reddit post, fans praised the impressive artwork on the skateboard. Some asked for the dimensions of the board so they could hopefully replicate it, while others simply expressed how cute they thought Cyndaquil was. Another commenter said they wanted to create their own Pokemon skateboard based around Pidgey. This is not the first time Pokemon fans have created their own skateboards as tribute to their favorite games and creatures. For example, back in 2021, one fan included all the Eeveelutions in a Pokemon skateboard.

Besides fan work, skateboard producer Bear Walker has also made some official crossover boards with Pokemon. The first wave of boards were unveiled in January 2020 and featured classic Pokemon like Pikachu and Charizard. A second wave of skateboards came later that year, including Pokemon from generations old and new such as Gen-1’s Mew and Gen-8’s Toxtricity. While Pokemon and skateboards may not seem like the most likely crossover at first, the game franchise is so popular that if a fan can think of a product, it likely has its own Pokemon version.

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