Pokémon Legends Arceus: 10 New Characters That Reference Old Ones

Pokémon Legends: Arceus features multiple Easter eggs, including many new characters that seem to be ancestors of other well-known figures.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the gift that keeps on giving. From intriguing Pokédex entries to lines of dialogue and plot points, the game is full of Easter eggs that reference previous entries in the franchise. However, nowhere are the game’s references clearer than in the characters that populate Hisui.

Legends: Arceus features a large cast of likable and surprisingly well-developed NPCs that help the main character throughout their journey. To make things better, many of them seem to be ancestors of figures well-known to Pokémon fans, including Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members, foes, and even a Pokémon Champion.

Captain Cyllene – Cyrus

Captain Cyllene is one of the most likable characters in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Despite her stoic and to-the-point behavior, she is still an excellent guide who cares about her team, putting them above everything. She mainly acts as a passive figure throughout the plot, but her contributions are still vital.

Pokémon fans will instantly recognize the similarities between Cyllene and the antagonist of the Generation IV games, Cyrus. Both characters are strikingly similar in appearance, and their demeanor is equally cold and clinical. They also have near-blind faith in their respective teams, but whereas Cyrus uses his influence for evil, Cyllene takes a decidedly selfless approach.

Pesselle – Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy is a staple of every main series Pokémon game. She and her many, many, many cousins run the various Pokémon Centers across the Pokémon world, selflessly taking care of injured mons alongside their loyal companions, Chansey.

For her part, Pesselle is an NPC in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Players can find her in the lower part of the Galaxy Building, where she is in charge of the medical wing. Both characters are nurses with bright pink hair and sweet demeanor, so it does not take much to realize they are related in every possible way.

Warden Gaeric – Wulfric

Wardens are one of Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ newest additions. They are the keepers of Hisui’s Noble Pokémon, who usually challenge the player before allowing them to try and quell the Nobles’ frenzy. Gaeric is the last Warden in the game, living in the Alabaster Icelands and acting as the guardian of Avalugg.

Gaeric shares a striking resemblance to the Generation VI Ice-type Gym Leader, Wulfric. They both share similar hairstyles and behavior and compare themselves to ice during their dialogues. Wulfric’s Ace Pokémon during his Gym match is also an Avalugg, cementing the relationship between the two.

Warden Arezu – Mars

Despite being one of the story’s main antagonists, Commander Mars is one of the best NPCs in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. She is not only hilariously dramatic every time she loses, but she also poses somewhat of a threat, particularly during her first battle, thanks to her over-leveled Purugly.

For her part, Warden Arezu is Noble Lilligant’s guardian. She takes her role as Warden very seriously and tries to solve every problem herself. She eventually takes a job at Jubilife Village’s barbershop. Mars and Arezu share very little in common in terms of personality, but they are two peas in a pod when it comes to looks.

Warden Mai – Marley/Marnie

Like Arezu, Mai is a Warden, although she does not oversee a Noble Pokémon. Instead, Mai has the task to care for the Obsidian Fieldlands’ Wyrdeer, which later serves as a mount for the player. Mai travels alongside her partner Pokémon, Munchlax, and maintains a composed demeanor in her interactions with the player.

Mai shares a physical resemblance to two Pokémon NPCS, Marley and Marnie. The former is one of the many NPCs who join the player in the Generation IV games, assisting during their second visit to Victory Road. The latter is one of the coolest rivals in Pokémon, a Dark-type specialist who plays a major role in the Gen VIII games. Mai has many similarities to both Marley and Marnie, but it is still unclear if she is an ancestor of either or both.

Warden Sabi – Cheryl

Sabi is one of the last Wardens the player meets. She lives in the Alabaster Icelands, where she acts as Warden to Hisuian Braviary. She has a cheery disposition and enjoys playing games, although she tends to speak in riddles.

Cheryl, like Marley, is one of the NPCs who join the player during the events of the Gen IV games. She travels alongside Lucas or Dawn throughout Eterna Forest, using a Chansey as her main Pokémon. Cheryl and Sabi have very distinct personalities; the former is shy and fearful, while the latter is outgoing and even reckless. However, they bear a striking physical resemblance that suggests a deep relation.

The Miss Fortune Sisters – Agatha/Bertha, Candice & Saturn

Pokémon Legends: Arceus does not have an evil organization per se, and the closest thing to an antagonistic team are the Miss Fortune Sisters, Charm, Coin, and Clover. They battle the player several times throughout the game, and while their deeds are more annoying than dangerous, they still provide enough of a challenge to make them memorable.

Each of the Miss Fortunes shares similarities to a previous character in the franchise. Clover is the spitting image of Candice, Sinnoh’s Ice-type Gym Leader, while Coin and Commander Saturn could be one and the same. Charm, the trio’s leader, shares similarities to two characters: Agatha, one of the strongest Ghost-type specialists in Pokémon, and Bertha, the Sinnoh Elite Four member who trains Ground-types.

Volo – Cynthia

Volo is one of Pokémon Legends: Arceus‘ most mysterious characters. He acts as a guide throughout the plot, popping by during the most critical situations to lend a hand. However, it is clear from the beginning that he is hiding something, and his ultimate plans are eventually revealed during the post-game.

Cynthia is a fan-favorite character in the games. She is the best Pokémon Champion in the main series, by far, and an overall beloved figure in the fandom. Physically speaking, Volo and Cynthia are male-female versions of the same character. He is a lot more devious than she is, but their love for myths and the lore of Hisui/Sinnoh further confirms the theory that Volo is Cynthia’s ancestor.

Mistress Cogita – Cynthia

Mistress Cogita is yet another character that seems to borrow from Cynthia heavily. She is more a deus ex machina than a well-developed character, but her presence in the game’s final act is still pivotal. She acts as a wise mentor to the player, revealing the existence of the Lake Trio and the Red Chain.

Mistress Cogita is basically an older Cynthia. Their hairstyles are nearly identical, as is their composed and knowledgeable demeanor. Both Cogita and Cynthia have ample knowledge about the region’s mythology, and their family seems destined to preserve Hisui/Sinnoh’s lore for future generations.

Rei/Akari – Lucas/Dawn

Rei and Akari are the male and female protagonists of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. They are also clear counterparts of the Generation IV protagonists, Lucas and Dawn, most recently seen in the faithful remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Because time traveling is involved, the player character could be the very same Lucas/Dawn from BDSP. However, their counterpart, Rei or Akari, is from Hisui, meaning they are ancestors of Lucas or Dawn. As it usually happens with time-traveling stories, the timelines get a little messy when fans start over-analyzing them, but Game Freak might provide some clear answers if and when they release DLC to explore more about the player character’s presence in Hisui.

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