‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Griffith Pranked ‘Goober’ Actor George Lindsey with Innards of a Duck

A comedy show having pranks on set shouldn’t be surprising. But this gag that Andy Griffith pulled on The Andy Griffith Show might have been overboard.

Throughout the generations of classic television, pranks are a common factor. Michael Landon with The Little House on the Prairie, John Ritter with Three’s Company and even Will Geer on The Waltons were all practical jokers at one point or another.

And while The Andy Griffith Show brings the wholesome comedy that fans adore, the folks behind it liked to bring some comedy to themselves. In one particular scenario, it was Griffith on the laughing end.

Biography.com dove into the book, Andy & Don to get some context. For one, Griffith loved practical jokes of all magnitudes. From little teases to big pranks, the actor was all over them.

The site mentions that Griffith loved teasing Don Knotts in particular. The legendary man behind Barney Fife was far less manic off-screen, and that peacefulness was often disturbed by Griffith. Besides calling him “Jess,” making fun of Don’s real first name Jesse, he would also disturb his co-star’s naps with loud noises.

Andy Griffith Gets George Lindsey with Duck Guts

Alright, this is going to get a little gross for some folks. If it wasn’t clear by the header above, there was one practical joke on The Andy Griffith Show set that went above and beyond surprise.

Per Biography.com, Lindsey was napping one day on set. While the “Goober” actor was sleeping, Griffith sprung into action. He draped “duck guts” around the dressing room of Lindsey, who eventually woke up to the sight.

We can’t imagine what a rude awakening like that must’ve felt like. We also can’t imagine how bad that must have smelled. Who knows, maybe they were cleaned properly, but for the sake of a practical joke, it seems like the smellier the better.

However, it wasn’t only Griffith doing the pranks.

The Andy Griffith Show Cast Would Get Andy Back

As anyone who’s ever done a practical joke knows, the moment it is successfully pulled off is the moment you have to be on your toes. They often are repaid in kind, and that was no different for members of The Andy Griffith Show.

From the Don & Andy book, the moment that is especially highlighted is when the cast got one of Griffith’s moccasins. He didn’t get it back, at least not initially.

Griffith was forced to go home in the shoes he wore as Sheriff Andy Taylor. But, the cast had a kicker for their prank.

When they finally returned the shoe to the legendary actor, it was completely bronzed. Forever a monument to the shenanigans on the The Andy Griffith Show.

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