‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Here’s the Top-Rated Episode, According to IMDB

With 249 to choose from, you’d think it would be hard to pick the best The Andy Griffith Show episode ever made. But when it comes down to it, fans overwhelming find one particular story the most heartwarming of them all.

After the show’s iconic 8-year run, nearly every episode was memorable in its own way. However, there were some that stood above the rest. And according to IMDB, these are the ones that found the most favor with fans.

Some of the shows that made it to the list were The Loaded Goat and My Fair Ernest T. Bass. In the former, a goat winds up in the Mayberry jailhouse after eating a stick of dynamite. And in the latter, Andy and Barney offer love advice to the lonely Ernest T. Bass.

Another episode that landed in the top 11 was the classic Halloween episode titled The Haunted House. In that show, Opie and a friend accidentally kick a ball into the old Rimshaw place. And when they try to find it, supernatural hilarity ensues.

But the hands-down most loved The Andy Griffith Show is (insert drumroll) A Christmas Story. In the season 1 episode, the grumpy and pompous businessman Ben Weaver has Sherrif Taylor arrest local moonshiner Sam Muggins. And the holiday story ended up giving viewers all the yuletide feels when Andy invites Sam’s family to the jail for a Christmas party and Ben tries to get himself arrested so he can join.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Actor Frank Cady Thought his Bald Head Gave him an Upper Hand in Show Biz

Some people may consider a bald head rather unfortunate. But for Frank Cady, his was a blessing.

Because during his lifetime, he was lucky enough to star in some of the most popular shows on the air—all because of his hairless “dome.”

Cady played one famous Hooterville character named Sam Drucker who appeared in Petticoat JunctionGreen Acres, and The Beverly Hillbillies. And he also played on The Andy Griffith ShowGunsmoke, and Wagon Train.

In 1969, a television writer for United Press International noticed just how acclaimed Frank Cady had become, and he wrote that the actor was “a force to deal with in television through sheer quantitative appearances.”

But the Cady didn’t think he was much different than every other star out there, he just thought that his physical appearance set him apart from the crowd.

“I’m not that handsome type, the collar-ad kind,” Cady said per MeTV. “The dome has helped. I know I’m the character type.”

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