‘The Andy Griffith Show’: How Tall Was Andy Griffith?

He was never a towering figure with his down-home approach to law and order as Andy Taylor, Mayberry Sherrif on the popular sit-com “The Andy Griffith” show. He never really gave off a “super-tall” vibe. But just how tall was Andy Griffith?

According to CelebHeights.com, Andy Griffith stood at exactly six feet tall. Just a tiny bit above the national average as recorded by Healthline of five feet, nine inches.

While he wasn’t an exceptionally tall celebrity, Andy Griffith has sure left his mark in the world. From 1960 until 1965, the actor/comedian played Andy Taylor the iconic father, community member, and law enforcement officer from Mayberry.

Andy Griffith’s Portrayal of Taylor Will Always Remain a Classic

Andy Taylor was a widower and a single father to his son, Opie. While Andy and Opie had many adventures together during the show’s run, the Taylor’s received plenty of help at home from Andy’s Aunt Bea, who moved in with Andy and Opie early in the series.

Taylor’s role is to enforce the law in Mayberry, but the tranquility of the town makes that a simple task. Well, outside of the characters from far-off places that tend to pop into town making bits of trouble for the easy-going Sherriff. Assisting the Sherrif was Deputy Barney Fife, Andy’s bumbling cousin.

When he isn’t on duty – or during the slow days – Andy Taylor is seen joining in singing sessions with Mayberry town members, playing cards, or fishing with his son, Opie.

An On-Camera “Career Switch”

In 1986, Andy Griffith turned his attention to the law when he became a famous attorney. Well, he played one on TV! Andy Griffith’s role as a famous attorney, Ben Matlock. The actor found great success playing the attorney with a one-of-a-kind style and penchant for catching the bad guys who were almost never his client, even if they came to the renowned attorney as the accused. He was loveable, and very bright…although he did have a sort of grouchy quality about him from time to time.

Griffith passed away at his home on July 3, 2012.

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