‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Mayberry Inspired Cafe Serves Up Meals That Cast Members Would Be Proud Of

Have you ever wanted to eat like the characters from “The Andy Griffith Show”? Well, there’s a real Mayberry-inspired cafe out there.

Opened in 1989, the Mayberry Cafe has become a local attraction in Hendricks, Indiana. Originally just a bakery and deli, Brad and Christine Born bought the establishment and decided to give it a makeover. “The Andy Griffith Show” is Brad’s favorite show. He even took breaks to watch re-runs of the classic.

“One Sunday afternoon we were literally over there sitting on the courthouse lawn,” Christine Born told CBS 4 Indy. “And [my husband Brad] said, ‘What about Mayberry? I always wanted to live in Mayberry.”

And thus the Mayberry Cafe was born. Christine knew that her husband always had a passion for cooking. The couple decided to buy the restaurant and turn it into an ode to Brad’s favorite show. Christine got the idea for opening the restaurant after coming across a cookbook.

“I happened to see a Mayberry cookbook and I started thinking, ‘That could be cute. That could be fun… I could run with this,’” she said.

Mayberry Is Open For Business

And they’ve kept that dream alive for the better part of 30 years. The couple introduced their own little Mayberry to the local citizens of Danville. They even purchased a police car like the one Deputy Barney Fife used to use in the show.

Within the establishment, the couple plays “The Andy Griffith Show” on a never-ending loop. They also collected memorabilia from the show, including signed autographs.

“On both floors we have memorabilia from the show. Some has been signed by the cast,” she pointed out. “We have the Barney on the Wheaties box right there. Got some from Jim Nabors … So, it is all things Mayberry.”

The Mayberry Cafe even got the official seal approval from one of the cast members. The late Jim Nabors randomly stopped in the cafe once on the way to the Indianapolis 500. Nabors, of course, played Gomer Pyle on the series.

The actor ended up ordering a helping of “Aunt Bee’s fried chicken” as his meal.

“It was Friday before the race and his plane had gotten in early,” Christine recalled. “He came with a police escort…So, that kind of brought our attention. They sat him down in a booth and he had fried chicken and strawberry shortcake and was just real genuine and kind to everyone.”

For fans of the show, the Mayberry Cafe is the perfect spot to eat.

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