The Mandalorian Continues To Top Star Wars And MCU Disney+ Viewership

A new report shows that The Mandalorian's total viewership continues to dominate that of its fellow live-action Star Wars and Marvel series.

The Mandalorian has continued to dominate viewership amongst both Star Wars and Marvel Disney+ shows. The series was the first to debut from either franchise with the U.S. launch date of Disney+ in 2019. Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu (“Baby Yoda”) have since left a huge impact on audiences with their journey together, and with filming of The Mandalorian season 3 reportedly wrapped, their next steps together won’t be much further away for viewers.

In the meantime, Din and Grogu’s impact has left its imprint on the only other live-action Star Wars show released for Disney+ so far, The Book of Boba Fett. Din held a starring role in the latter three episodes of the series, which caused it to be referred to as The Mandalorian season 2.5 by cast, crew, and viewers. The series thus acted as a bridge between season 2 and 3 as the audience continues to wait for Din’s next steps in the Star Wars galaxy alongside his Force-sensitive foundling. Din’s appearance, as well as that of Ahsoka Tano, Luke Skywalker, Grogu, Cobb Vanth, and Cad Bane, built enough hype for the finale of The Book of Boba Fett to earn an overall higher viewership than that of The Mandalorian season 2’s finale.

Yet, The Mandalorian continues its reign as the most viewed Disney+ ship among both Star Wars and Marvel entities. THR has reported that The Mandalorian tops the others in terms of total viewership, in both season 1 as well as season 2. The only series to come close was Marvel’s Loki, whose smaller total of six episodes in comparison to eight episodes caused it to fall short of The Mandalorian despite having the highest average watch time. Still, the impact of The Mandalorian season 1 is the most profound in terms of its performance at the beginning of the streaming platform’s release. One week after the season 1 finale, it added 800 million more minutes to its viewing time, which reveals how eager the small subscriber count was to watch the series.

With even more Star Wars and Marvel series on the way, there’s no telling how long The Mandalorian will continue to maintain this title. The hype that’s built around the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series proves that it may be a strong contender, despite being limited to six episodes in a similar manner to Marvel’s Loki. However, Loki season 2 may also prove to be a force to be reckoned with for The Mandalorian, especially with its massive success in its first season. For viewers of both franchises, this report is overall a testament to how beloved they have become and how they each can continue to grow and provide even more content for their vast audiences.

There’s no doubting how profound the impact of The Mandalorian has been on its audiences, which has put the series’ season 3 in even higher demand. If the series continues its pattern in amassing even more total viewership with a new season, The Mandalorian season 3 will become its most successful one yet. The hints provided in Din’s The Book of Boba Fett appearance for his upcoming journey prove that this could be a possible feat. The season is expected to reveal the live-action debut of the planet Mandalore, which has long since become a favorite amongst viewers in animated series such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars. With The Mandalorian season 3 reportedly arriving around Christmas time, it may not be too much longer until viewers get to once again contribute to the success and the exciting journey the series has to offer.

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