The Mandalorian’s Bill Burr Reacts To Gina Carano Being Fired

Stand-up comedian and The Mandalorian actor Bill Burr opens up about former costar Gina Carano being fired from the show over her political beliefs.

Stand-up comedian and The Mandalorian actor Bill Burr opens up about his former costar Gina Carano being fired from the show. The Mandalorian was the first-ever live-action Star Wars series, created by Jon Favreau in 2019. The show stars Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter who defies orders to save Grogu, or Baby Yoda, which audiences came to call him. The series is peppered with other notable actors, and aside from Burr, The Mandalorian features Giancarlo Esposito, Carl Weathers, Ming-Na Wen, Taika Waititi, Nick Nolte, and Carano.

Throughout The Mandalorian’s first two seasons, Carano portrayed Cara Dune, a former Alliance shock trooper turned mercenary. Cara aided Din through numerous ordeals, even helping him get Grogu to Luke Skywalker in the season 2 finale. Cara Dune was a fan-favorite character who was intended to get a spinoff series before Carano was fired from the show. Carano’s termination stems from social media posts she made, one of which likened the struggle of modern-day Republicans to that of Jewish people during the Holocaust. The posts didn’t sit well with Disney, who chose to part ways with the actor.

While speaking with THR, Burr was asked if he thought Carano being fired from The Mandalorian was fair. Burr, known for being an outspoken personality, said “No” before detailing how he sees a “small collection of lunatics” that want to cause hysteria. He then talked about how people will try to destroy someone’s ability to make a living over their opinions and political beliefs, saying, “it’s fucking bizarre to me.” Check out Burr’s comments on Carano’s The Mandalorian firing below:

“No. I thought it was funny that the liberals proved her point. They just use outrage because they don’t like your politics. As someone who considers himself liberal, it’s disappointing to see the left become how the right used to be when they went after the Dixie Chicks after they criticized George W. Bush. There’s not a lot of people like that — most are just trying not to get in trouble — but there’s this small collection of lunatics — either on the right or the left, at any given moment – that cause hysteria. And now there’s so many [media outlets] that want eyeballs, they make money off advertising, that they give attention to these crazy fringe people.”

“The whole thing with Gina: You can’t chime in when the shit’s happening, because then you cause static for other people on the [show]. That somebody’s opinion — or their political beliefs — makes people try to destroy their ability to make a living, it’s fucking bizarre to me.”

Burr often takes complicated subjects and focuses his unique brand of rage-filled comedy back on them, which feels reminiscent of his comments regarding Carano. He has also previously spoken out about Carano, calling her an “absolute sweetheart.” However, while Burr dubs himself a liberal, most of Carano’s supporters following her termination are conservatives like Ted Cruz and Ben Shapiro.

With her Cara Dune spinoff canceled, Carano’s career seemed to take a hit, but she is bouncing back with several projects in the works. Terror on the Prairie, a western that sees Carano defending herself against outlaws, is due out later this year, and White Knuckle, an action thriller from writer-director Eric Red, is currently in pre-production with Carano set to star. What’s next for The Mandalorian remains to be seen, though Burr has previously stated that he would love to return to the show. While no official release date has been given, the third season of The Mandalorian is expected to debut later this year.

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