The Top Ten Seasons Of Married With Children Ranked According To IMDB

Married With Children had some great seasons. Here's what IMDb says were its best.

The Fox network launched as a viable fourth network in the Spring of 1987. One of its anchoring TV shows was the now classic, Married…With Children. The series was meant to be completely different than ever other wholesome eighties sitcom that populated the airwaves.

Like many sitcoms, there are dozens of episodes that stand out as classics and then some that don’t hold up. Married…With Children is one of the rare sitcoms that changed a cast member and barely lost any steam. But the series did get sillier once Jefferson came aboard. Here are the top ten seasons of Married…With Children, ranked according to IMDB. 

10 Season 11 – 7.77

The show’s final season features several multipart episodes to meet the required episode order. Al’s beloved and ancient Chevy finally goes kaput, but so does the Bundy’s marriage.  After years of prodding each other, Al and Peg separate for a three-part episode. For the second time in the show’s history, Al has to contend with the Devil (this time played by Robert Englund. Strangely enough the most famous part of the last season is Ed O’Neill’s story about how he found out from a few fans that the show was cancelled. 

9 Season 10 – 7.79

As the series was winding down, the show’s tenth season brought in Peggy’s mother as an unseen character. Her father Ephraim (Tim Conway) shows up as well. Al and Jefferson unsuccessfully try to blackmail adult star, Shannon Tweed.

Meanwhile Marcy tries to thwart Al’s chances of having the Polk High Scoreboard named after him, which Al inadvertently sabotages himself. All dogs don’t go heaven as Buck passes on, only to be reincarnated as the Bundy’s new dog, Lucky.  

8 Season 6 – 7.81 

Al’s worst nightmare comes true when Peggy reveals she’s pregnant, it gets even worse when it turns out Marcy’s got a chicken in the oven too. Kelly gets the opportunity to bring Public Access show to Hollywood. Bud’s rapper alter-ego, Grandmaster B makes his debut as well. Al has a big dream sequence where he’s a detective searching for the Pharaoh’s Eye; it turns out the entire first half of the season was a dream. Steve returns for the first time since leaving the show, as a man of nature on the run from the Feds protecting a rare bird egg. 

7 Season 9 – 7.86

With Al’s NO MA’AM friends making more and more appearances, the lovable nitwits protested mothers breastfeeding in a ladies’ shoe store, and no they did not realize the absurdity of their gripe; which made the episode that much funnier. They also tried to get their favorite TV show, Psycho Dad back on the air. The club also start their own baseball league when the MLB went on strike. Elsewhere during the season, Kelly inadvertently told her life story to a producer who stole everything to create a new Fox sitcom. 

6 Season 1 – 7.87

It was clear from the very first episode that Married…With Children was going to be a very different sitcom. The very first scene of the show is young Bud pretending to “kill” his sister while uttering “die Commie bimbo.” Almost every episode of the first season has a “traditional sitcom” set up, but it’s the dialogue of the characters that changes things up in wild ways. 

5 Season 2 – 7.95 

The second season began with a demented and hysterical Bundy vacation to Dumpwater, Florida where an ax murder is on the loose and after the family. After catching Al and Steve ogling a woman, Marcy, Peg, and their friends head to ogle some men at a Ladies’ Club.

Al nearly destroys the house to get rid of a mouse. Through fan voting during the initially airing, Al tells Peggy those three little words for Valentines Day. 

4 Season 8 – 7.94

Al and his friends get fed up with Jerry Springer, The Masculine Feminist getting their bowling night cancelled. They form NO MA’AM as a result. That’s not the only mischief going during the show’s eighth season. Al’s luck starts going incredibly well and it scares the heck out of him. Death also comes for Al, and not surprisingly takes the form of Peggy. Through a crazy April Fool’s Day prank war, we find out about Jefferson’s past as a CIA operative. 

3 Season 5 – 7.98

2 Season 3 – 7.99

As the show was hitting it’s stride with risqué episodes, a woman from Michigan tried to protest the series’ brashness. Instead, more and more people would tune in to see what the big deal was. Her efforts did get one episode pulled for over a decade – “I’ll See You In Court” would finally debut on FX in 2002. Kelly has to put on a tap routine as punishment, she delivers a scintillating performance instead.

This season also featured a line that was perpetually crossed in episodes like “The Camping Show” and “Her Cups Runneth Over.” Al and Peggy also relieve their high school glory days during their reunion. 

1 Season 4 – 8.01

It’s easy to see how the show’s best season is the fourth one. Just about every episode of the season is a classic. The family has a Labor Day BBQ, which sends Bud and Kelly searching the neighborhood looking for ashes for the grill. Peggy wins a week with a fitness guru and winds up killing him through terrible eating. She also gets in her head that Al’s cheating on her. Marcy and Steve’s marriage is bobsledding to divorce, after losing his job by fronting Al money for a failed shoe hotline. He leaves to be a park ranger and Peggy convinces Marcy to head to Vegas to cheer her up. It’s also “A Bundyful Life,” when Al’s guardian angel (Sam Kinison) comes to show Al just how happy and delightful everyone would be if he was never born.

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