The Witcher: The 10 Most One-Sided Fights

The Witcher contains amazing action sequences and fights. However, the show has its fair share of one-sided fights too.

Following on from the success of The Witcher 3’s video game, the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher has also received stellar reviews, with its action sequences and fights, in particular, being commended. With the show’s protagonist being a witcher, a monster hunter, naturally, there are plenty of sword fights and messy skirmishes, both with humans and creatures.

The Witcher has plenty of fights with two sides of worthy adversaries, exchanging multiple blows that require skill and concentration, but with the talented fighters involved in the show, naturally, there are several fights that are more one-sided. One-sided fights can either be when one side outweighs the other in terms of pure strength, but it can also apply to one fighter easily cutting down multiple opponents with minimal resistance.

10 Vilgefortz’s Impatience Cost Him Against Cahir

Vilgefortz versus Cahir is an exciting part of the Battle of Sodden, with the former’s sword-replenishing power being revealed. However, Vilgefortz gets impatient and greedy, ignoring pleas from Yennefer to slow down and conserve his chaos. This leads to him quickly being disarmed, overpowered, and kicked off the edge of a steep hill, sustaining considerable damage to his head in the process.

This is a turning point for Vilgefortz, with his emotions costing him an opportunity to eliminate the Black Knight, with him later taking out his frustrations on a helpless “ally.”

9 Voleth Meir Possessed Ciri & Eliminated Several Witchers With Ease

Voleth Meir’s possession of Ciri towards the end of The Witcher‘s second season, sees her fight off the witchers with help from several fierce monsters that proceed to decimate a number of the remaining witchers in brutal fashion.

Vesemir and Geralt fight to keep a possessed Ciri in one place, while everyone else fights off the terrifying monsters, which makes for an intense atmosphere as bodies are dropping around them. By the end of “Family,” Voleth Meir has returned home to her Sphere, but the witchers’ numbers are at an all-time low, with it being a miracle that Lambert and Coen, in particular, managed to survive.

8 Ciri Unleashed Her Powers With Devastating Consequences

Season one of The Witcher is all about survival for Ciri, but along the way she discovers that she is special, with an unknown power that she doesn’t know how to control. At the end of Episode 7, “Before A Fall,” Ciri is found and turned on by her former “friends” from Cintra, prompting her to inadvertently use her powers in order to protect herself.

The aftermath of her retaliation is shown in the following episode, with her attackers all shown impaled on trees and left very much dead. While not a fight by the definition of Geralt’s many sword fighting escapades, contact was still initiated by Ciri’s attackers and she responded in kind.

7 Cahir Was Too Much For Dara To Handle

Upon Cahir’s return to Cintra and the Nilfgaardian ranks in Season 2’s “Dear Friend,” he discovers that in his absence, Fringilla has offered the elves a safe haven within the walls, treating them as equals, a concept that bewilders him as he assumes that Fringilla is playing a long con.

Fueled by General Hake’s similar disgust of the situation, Cahir interrupts a sparring session between the elves Filavandrel and Dara, taking Filavandrel’s place and proceeding to overwhelm Dara with quickness and evasive techniques, before pushing the elf over. While not a real fight by any means, it exposes the gap in skill between the two, should they ever face off for real.

6 Geralt & Istredd Combined To Quickly Take Down Two Nilfgaardian Soldiers

When Geralt goes seeking answers about the monoliths in the Season 2 episode “Turn Your Back,” he finds and travels with Istredd, the first time that the two characters have met one another. As they journey to the monolith near Cintra, the two are confronted by angry Nilfgaardian soldiers, but when things turn hostile, both Geralt and Istredd dispatch one soldier each in record time.

The soldiers don’t even have time to launch any sort of counterattack and are easily swept aside by the witcher and the sorcerer, with it being nothing more than a minor inconvenience on their way to view the monolith site.

5 Yennefer Instantly Regretted Complaining About Having A Boring Life

The Season 1’s fourth episode sees Yennefer, dissatisfied with the results of her sacrifice and hard work, encounter an assassin trying to kill Queen Kalis of Lyria, who she is charged with protecting. The mysterious assassin, armed with an intimidating insectoid-like monster, ends up chasing Yennefer through several portals.

Several guards are killed in the initial onslaught, with a further guard not surviving more than one portal transition, and Queen Kalis following soon after. Yennefer is eventually able to kill the creature when it’s ready to strike the queen’s baby, but most of the action-packed sequence is Yennefer fleeing from the assassin.

4 Geralt Became The Butcher Of Blaviken With Relative Ease

“The End’s Beginning” is the very first episode and sets the precedence for the entirety of The Witcher’s Netflix adaptation, with its captivating and meticulously planned fight scenes. Geralt is outnumbered by Renfri’s band of merry men but quickly carves through them with devastating aplomb, with only Renfri herself putting up a fight after everybody else has been killed.

This massacre is witnessed by Blaviken’s inhabitants and thanks to some classic manipulation of the truth by the cunning wizard Stregobor, Geralt is berated and labeled “The Butcher Of Blaviken.”

3 Calanthe & Eist Suffered A Spectacular Defeat To Nilfgaard Out At Marnadal

In the events of Season 1’s first episode, Nilfgaard arrives on the scene and launches a full-scale attack on Cintra. Before they can get to the castle walls, however, Calanthe and Eist take their armies out to meet the invading forces in the Battle of Marnadal Valley, where Eist quickly meets his demise as their forces are pushed back.

Calanthe is mortally wounded but manages to make it back to Cintra, but at the cost of using and losing most of their best soldiers in the process, leaving them especially vulnerable.

2 Geralt Arrived Just In Time To Save Ciri & Confront Yennefer

Yennefer’s betrayal of Geralt in Season 2 hit the witcher hard, with the love of his life stealing his adopted daughter and destiny, Ciri, from right under his nose. Upon learning of Yennefer’s true intentions, Ciri inadvertently ends up alerting Nilfgaardian soldiers, who immediately swarm upon and capture both Yennefer and Ciri.

However, due to quick deduction skills, Geralt arrives just in time, with Jaskier, Yarpen Zigrin, and his band of dwarves. The group quickly dispatches the opposing soldiers, in an efficient and brutal manner, with Geralt, in particular, taking out his rage on his enemies. The group suffers no visible casualties and quickly rescues Ciri and Yennefer.

1 Nilfgaard Swarmed Upon Cintra & Took It With Little Resistance

Having lost most of their best fighters at the Battle of Marnadal, Cintra is easily overrun by the invading Nilfgaardian forces, despite a valiant effort by Mousesack to keep them at bay with defensive magic, with Calanthe taking her own life, Mousesack being captured and Ciri barely escaping with her life intact.

It is later revealed that Geralt was being held as a prisoner as the massacre was happening, witnessing the mass onslaught firsthand, as he also had to fight to ensure his own survival.

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