What Happened To The Mandalorian’s Jetpack In Chapter 14’s Weirdest Moment

Din Djarin caused a stir among the fanbase by removing his jetpack in episode 6. In this scene, the Djarin is at Tython and whereas; Mando is still on a mission to get Baby Yoda back to Jedi, in this part Titled “The Tragedy.”  According to the storyline, Mando is following Ahsoka Tano’s directions, and so he is here with Grogu on Thyton.

Now in this part child is going through a sitting ritual so it could decide its path from here and thus meet with Jedi to get untied with them. Much to Mando’s disappointment, there are two hindrances on his way, starting from Boba Fett, which appeared in Tatooine before in the season.

This puts the fan theory to the truth that this beloved character was safe and alive even after falling into the Sarlacc pit. Fans always believed that this authentic Star Wars entity is going to return sooner or later. So here he does so, but he’s not alone, and to accompany him, there is Fennec Shand, who was saved by Fett way back in season 1.

Boba Fett had come for Din to get his armor back, but the situation soon erupted and became hostile. Finally, there was a sort of peace after an agreement that both characters would remove their gear and armor. Here Fett tells Din to take off his Jetpack too, which he does so. Mando isn’t seen to take it on again, even after the peace between him and Boba Fett.

This famous Jetpack was given to Din from Armorer and turned to be a superb utility for our hero in his various discoveries and expeditions. For example, it proved a significant hand in defeating the Krayt dragon and various escapes like interaction with Bo-Katan Kyrze and riding in the Imperial base of Nevarro.

Even in this part, they’re seen flying off to Temple Ruins from the Razer Crest. If we look at the times Din’s Jetpack worked as a bliss and even made some impossible tasks achievable, it comes as a bit of strange moment that Din didn’t pick his Jetpack back even after the realisation of danger of Imperial remnants. As if there was an ambush, Din could easily put it on and fly away Grogu.

Next in the storyline, a moment comes when Baby Yoda is taken away by Moff Gideon’s Dark Troopers and Razor Crest was getting demolished. Din had to opt for the help of Boba Fett, who promised to hold his part of the deal to save the Din and Grogu as long as he’ll get his armor back. Here we don’t see The Mandalorian going from Tython, but his appearance in Nevarro is without the Jetpack, which concludes that he must’ve left it behind. Fans would wonder that was it a coincidence or was it a ploy from show-makers?

Although camera pans a zoom on the scene where the Jetpack is removed, so maybe show makers wanted us to point this detail. If that is the case, then we could very well expect that Din is going to come back to Tython. After realisation of abduction and destruction of his home, maybe it slipped out of Mando’s mind to put the Jetpack back on.

We don’t know how it will turn out with Din and his Jetpack just yet, but it is sure hinted that next task for Djarin is to clash with Moff Gideon to retrieve the Baby Yoda, without the help of his trusty Jetpack. Jetpack has proven to be a bliss in all his encounters and travels. This quest for Baby Yoda may seem tougher now that he won’t be able to travel quickly against a full-fledged Dark Trooper army from Imperial remnant.

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