Who Is Monica Bellucci’s 36 Year Old Boyfriend?

He’s been around for a while and feels like a bit of an old soul.

Monica Bellucci is a name that, honestly, we haven’t heard in at least a decade. Maybe that’s just because of the kind of content we’re taking in, or maybe it’s the kind of shifting that’s been happening with media over the last few years. Or even the shifting that’s happened in Monica Bellucci’s life!

No star will do the same thing forever. Just look at Kanye West: he’s been around for decades and has gone from rap god to fashion designer (and back again). While we certainly don’t mind the fact that Monica Bellucci has done the classic model move of changing up her work goals, we are surprised that she hasn’t been part of a remount or two. Could that be because of her happy relationship? She seems so in love, and all because of one man named Nicolas Lefebvre.

This is her new boyfriend, although “new” doesn’t necessarily suit their relationship. He’s been around for a while and feels like a bit of an old soul. A perfect match for classic soul Monica Bellucci. But who exactly is he? And how long have they been together? And, excuse us, but is that another large age difference again?! So many questions, none of which were answered; until now.

He’s As Artistic As Her

But in a different way. As is the case with many relationships between stars, their artistry is not the same, but complementary. He’s doing some very similar things to what she was doing early in her work past. Although Monica Bellucci has been clear in that, “the man whose life I share does not do the same job as me, but he travels a lot. [His] pace of life allows [him] to understand mine,” something that is a must for busy couples. And what’s the job that keeps him on the road? Modeling and sculpting, of all things. While he hasn’t done much modeling lately, the sculpting is certainly keeping him busy. And his work is just gorgeous! He’s certainly gained a lot of skill in his 36 years.

Sorry, did we say 36? Yes, we did. 36 is a far cry from Monica Bellucci’s 50+, though the two of them seem to not give much care to it. The younger man angle is appealing for many people, but we don’t think that’s what’s happening here. The two of them genuinely seem to be well-matched, and their livelihoods certainly seem to support the thought too. There have been many famous couples over the years who have achieved a successful, long-term partnership despite a substantial age gap. Usually, they’ve met through work, and they have quite a few compatible interests. For Bellucci and Lefebvre, this is definitely true. Lefebvre isn’t a young 36 (outside of his looks). He’s got passion, parent skills, and a whole lot of calm energy. He’s very grown-up, which is a great match for Monica Bellucci’s youthful sophistication.

They’re Serious

There’s a hint in that quote in the previous paragraph that we hope a few people picked up on; “the man whose life I share” is a little more intense than saying “my boyfriend”. Like, by a lot. While they’re definitely not married, Bellucci has admitted that they’ve been together for a few years. Is it possible that these two could get married eventually? Maybe! Stranger things have happened. Plus, it seems like they have an understanding of each other’s busy schedules. We know from experience that waiting forever and a day to see your partner IRL is no fun. Whether it’s work, distance, or quarantine, waiting around to hold your lover’s hand feels kind of terrible! Compassion for his travel requirements is something we’re glad Monica Bellucci has. No doubt it’s why they’ve been so solid over the last little while, and have no hint of ending anytime soon!

So, what did we learn on this sleuthing mission? We’ve learned that Lefebvre is super delightful to watch, and we hope that we see them on another red carpet (as soon as red carpets come back). He’s a former model and a current sculptor. There’s tons of stuff out there about his art, and it truly shows exactly how talented he is. Though, after 36 years, as we said, it’s no surprise that he’s had more than enough time to build up skill. His social media is full of attractive photos of both him and his work. We’re excited for the day that it starts to fill up with pictures of Monica Bellucci as well. While they’ve been together for several years now, it seems pretty clear that there’s no end in sight. There might be a wedding on the horizon, but there might not be. For two artists the relationship is usually satisfying in and of itself. And that’s certainly the case for Monica Bellucci and her partner, Nicolas Lefebvre. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this happy couple soon.

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