‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have a Drinking Game for Re-Watching First Four Seasons That’ll Leave You Absolutely Wasted

“Yellowstone” fans who like to drink, rejoice; we dug up an old Peacock tweet from 2020, when “Yellowstone” season 3 aired, that featured a pretty intense drinking game. Intense as in it’ll probably have you on the floor within two episodes. Now, this drinking game was initially made for season 3, but we’re going to apply it to all 4 seasons, thank you very much. Call us when you have your next “Yellowstone” marathon, we know exactly which whiskey to bring.

First of all, let’s look at the categories. The first one: Beth insults someone. Better make a weak drink because you’re going to be drinking a lot. May I suggest a light beer, or maybe a White Claw? The amount of alcohol you’ll need to keep up with all of Beth’s creative insults could take out a moose.

Next, drink when a new ranch hand joins. Then, when they’re all hanging out in the bunkhouse. This one will get you as well; there are so many scenes in the bunkhouse over the last 4 seasons. I suppose you could put some rules on this one: everyone has to be in the bunkhouse, not just one or two characters. That might save your liver a little bit.

Drink when Jimmy is confused; this one is good for seasons 1 through 3, but in season 4, Jimmy basically grew into his own. He learned the ropes, literally, in Texas at the Four Sixes Ranch, and earned genuine respect when he came back. Next, drink when someone gets taken to the train station. There could be rules for this one as well, because there’s so much death on this show. Tweak it so that you only drink when the train station is explicitly mentioned, and not just when someone dies.

‘Yellowstone’ Creates Intense Drinking Game, Can You Keep Up?

Drink when Rip teaches someone a lesson; it doesn’t have to be a good lesson, but Rip is usually trying to teach someone something. Additionally, drink when John throws something. Another one that could potentially knock you out before the game has even really started.

Fans on Reddit weighed in on some other categories to add to the list. One fan suggested “Something traumatic happens to Tate.” I can think of two off the top of my head: that snake incident, and the kidnapping. Just go ahead and take a shot of something right now.

Another fan suggested drinking every time there’s a fistfight, while another wrote “Someone on a horse does a sliding stop!” There was another comment that added a few more, like Rip has a toothpick in his mouth, and any time we see the Carhartt logo. That one will put you down for the count for sure; it’s a ranch for crying out loud, there’s Carhartt everywhere.

The general consensus about this drinking game, though? According to one “Yellowstone” fan, “Just 5 of those will kill us all.”

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