‘Yellowstone’ Fans Lays Out Blueprint for Why ‘Jamie Is Worse Than Beth’

Yellowstone‘s vicious Dutton feud continues, and fans are laying down their case for Jamie being far more ‘evil’ than Beth could ever be.

When it comes to Yellowstone, few relationships spark more debate than Jamie vs. Beth. These two siblings are as close to killing one another as they can get without acting on it. But does Jamie’s role in Beth’s teenage sterilization make her the lesser evil? Yellowstone fan VilePlant believes so and has it all laid out for fellow viewers.

“Jamie knew what he was doing to Beth at the abortion clinic,” VilePlant begins on the Yellowstone Reddit board. On the ride there, he questions who the father is and demands that he has the right to know. This, to me, is a red flag for the idea that he knew exactly what a hysterectomy was… And purposefully wanted to make sure Beth couldn’t have kids. They could have gone out of state, there were alternatives.”

VilePlant “isn’t saying Beth isn’t evil. But she’s not evil in the same way Jamie is. Beth hasn’t done anything to Jamie that could equal what he did to her.”

Spoilers Ahead: Jamie’s ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Actions Add Fuel to Fire

Furthermore, “Jamie pointing a gun at Garrett and then moments later thanking him for attempting to murder the Duttons is interesting to say the least,” VilePlant continues of the adopted Dutton’s actions in Season 4. “I think Jamie is really lost/dumb for trusting his bio dad to suddenly be a good person when John was his actual father figure. I think this is going to backfire and I won’t hate it happening.”

It’s a topic Yellowstone fans have debated daily since those big reveals. Did a teenage Jamie’s actions, coupled with his cold-blooded murder of a reporter and his bond with a psychotic biological father, make him the great evil of the Duttons?

To this end, fellow Redditor FabulousPatient adds that they “doubt” Jamie’s “17-18 year old brain fully understood the consequences of his actions. He wasn’t thinking about Beth’s future desire for kids. He was thinking about fixing a “problem” without his dad finding out who would probably (literally) kill Rip and do who know what to Beth. In mind he was protecting the family name like John taught him to do.”

As a result, “That whole situation was John’s fault for not building enough trust in his children for them to bring the issue to him.”

‘Jamie Wants to be Loved by a Father Figure’

Is John Dutton to blame for all the foul things his children have done on Yellowstone? From the outside, it certainly looks that way. But we are all accountable for our own decisions. And Jamie has done terrible things that his father did not make him do.

On his relationship with Garrett Randall, FabulousPatient doesn’t find Jamie’s relationship with his biological father “surprising at all.”

In the end, “Jaime wants to be loved by a father figure,” the Redditor says, “and Garrett is giving him that. What Jaime hears is that he is good enough and everything that Garrett is doing is for him because he loves him.”

We’ll find out soon enough how far Jamie Dutton will go for a father’s love as Yellowstone continues each Sunday at 8 PM Eastern on Paramount Network.

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