‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes Reveals What Kayce’s ‘Vision Quest’ in Season Four ‘Could Possibly Sign’

At the end of “Yellowstone” season 4, Kayce Dutton underwent the Hanbleceya, or “crying for a vision.” The ceremony is part of Lakota culture, and is undertaken by anyone seeking answers. Thomas Rainwater and Mo taught Kayce how to perform the ritual. They prepared him for the grueling task, and took him up the mountain to a secluded place. Kayce stayed there for four days and four nights, and had four different visions. Each one more cryptic than the last, but ripe with symbolism.

When he got back home, he told Monica that he saw “the end of us” in his vision. Taken literally, it could mean the end of Kayce and Monica. But, knowing “Yellowstone,” we shouldn’t take anything at face value. Kayce saw something that the audience didn’t, and we’re hoping to get that explanation in season 5.

Luke Grimes, in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, recently spoke about Kayce’s vision quest, and what his visions could mean. “Kayce’s vision quest at the end of season four could possibly be a sign that things are going to have to change,” he said. Clearly, a lot is going to have to change.

Kayce is at a crossroads now; he can help his family and lose Monica and the reservation. Or, he can help Rainwater and the tribe get their land back, losing his family in the process. This goes back to “1883,” when Spotted Eagle told James Dutton, “In seven generations my people will rise up and take [the land] back from you.” Kayce is the 7th generation Dutton, but could he also be considered Spotted Eagle’s 7th generation ancestor in relation to Monica? The fact that he has a hand in both the reservation and the ranch makes me believe that things are going to come down to Kayce when it’s time to make decisions.

Luke Grimes on Kayce’s Visions, Plus When ‘Yellowstone’ Is Going to End

In talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Luke Grimes also mentioned when he thinks “Yellowstone” is going to end. Taylor Sheridan is stretched pretty thin with 9 shows in the works, but he’s still consistently producing quality content.

“I know what I’ve heard firsthand from the source himself,” said Grimes. “But I also heard that before it became the biggest show on the planet, and when something becomes this big, I know there’s a lot of pressure to keep it going.”

Fans want more “Yellowstone,” and they want it as soon as possible. With Sheridan working on so many other shows, is there a chance “Yellowstone” could be put on the back burner? “I do know that Taylor would never let it go past its due date,” Grimes commented. True, I trust Taylor Sheridan to know when the show should end; he’ll end it in a way that makes sense for the series as a whole. So, while “Yellowstone” does have to end someday, the ending will be thoughtful and give credit to the entire series.

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