‘Yellowstone’ Actor Forrie J. Smith Shops for Boots Just Like You Do

When it comes to real-deal cowboys, it doesn’t get any more real than Forrie J. Smith, who plays ranch hand, Lloyd, on “Yellowstone.”

Smith is a been there, done that cattle rancher who is fully immersed in the cowboy culture. He grew up on a ranch, working with horses and participating in numerous rodeo events. His authenticity as a cowboy really pops on “Yellowstone” as he plays Lloyd, the senior statesman of the bunkhouse. As an actual cowboy, you can probably imagine just what Forrie J. Smith’s closet looks like. There are sure to be a couple of cowboy hats, western-style button-down shirts and you might even find a set of spurs in his closet. There are likely at least a few pairs of cowboy boots in that closet too. Smith decided recently that it was time to add to his cowboy boot collection and went out to do a little shopping. Yes, the “Yellowstone” star shops for boots in the same manner that we all do.

A show store employee got a very nice surprise a couple of days ago when Smith came moseying in. He was there to take a look at their cowboy boot collection, looking to add a pair to his wardrobe. He also took time to take a photo with the young lady to mark the occasion she will remember for a lifetime.

“A surprise visit from “Lloyd” this evening made for a great ending to my Monday!” the young lady writes. “Just don’t take me to the train station.”

As you can see from the photo, Forrie is decked out in his cowboy gear including a terrific cowboy hat. Now, he’s looking for the perfect boots to match.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four has Been Rough on Lloyd

So far, the fourth season of “Yellowstone” has been anything but smooth sailing for Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd.

After getting Cozie with buckle bunny Laramie, Lloyd is in dismay when she ends up in Walker’s bed. Not only did he lose his girl but Walker rubs it in his face every chance he gets. When Walker offers him a bowl of stew, Lloyd has had enough and the fight is on. Both men get in some solid licks before the fight is broken up by Rip Wheeler. To the dismay of practically everyone watching, Rip then puts a whooping on Lloyd but does nothing to Walker. It was a strange sequence, to say the least.

Lloyd was Rip’s best friend and mentor on “Yellowstone” Ranch but that appears to no longer be the case. Rip even asked Lloyd to be his best man last season. It is odd to see him turn on Lloyd the way that he has.

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