‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Explains the ‘Duality’ of Monica

Yellowstone star Kelsey Asbille recently explained the duality of Monica. Asbille, who loves her role on the hit Taylor Sheridan penned series, thinks that Monica is wonderful for her complexity.

In a recent interview with Movieweb, Asbille is asked about Monica being torn between the Duttons, who are white landowners, and her Native American Culture.

“I think that there’s always been that duality to Monica. She’s always someone who’s living in both worlds. And it’s that balance that’s been really tricky, because when she is on the Dutton ranch, she doesn’t feel connected to her culture and her people, especially raising Tate,” she explained.

In season 4, Monica and Kayce move off the ranch and closer to the reservation. This will hopefully be a great step for both Monica and her son.

“I think that is so important, and kind of a source of healing for her and for the family in general. So I’m really glad that we get to step back into that world and look at it as this safe space for healing,” she said.

This is one of Kelsey Asbille’s biggest roles, and while she says the show’s continued rise in popularity can be a bit scary sometimes, it’s clear she loves filming it. And she adores playing Monica.

Here’s Why Kelsey Asbille Says ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Changed Her Life

Asbille is incredibly grateful for her time in Yellowstone and says that creator Taylor Sheridan changed her life when he gave her the part and just believed in her.

“I feel really lucky, you know because Taylor is just such a fierce advocate. Sometimes I feel like people believe in me more than I do, and I think that that vote of confidence has really changed my career, and it’s changed my life,” she said. It really helps that she knows a lot of the crew.

“We’ve also had a lot of the same cast and crew since when Wind River, we’re really like a traveling circus crew altogether,” she continued. On top of playing Monica in Yellowstone, Asbille also played Natalie in the Sheridan film Wind River.

“I think he does that for everyone really, he really empowers you through belief in you. So I think it’s really been a real blessing in my life,” she finished.

If you want to watch Yellowstone, the show is available on Paramount+. And if you’ve already seen it all, you can check out the Yellowstone spinoff, 1883, which follows an early generation of Duttons making a dangerous journey west by wagon train.

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