‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Opens Up About Jimmy’s ‘Difficult Decision’

When Yellowstone star Jefferson White’s character, Jimmy Hurdstrom, chose to take the brand from Rip Wheeler and John Dutton, this was far from the most difficult decision of his life. Despite the intimidating kind of loyalty that came with the symbol, Jimmy took the decision in stride. Ever the romantic, his most trying moment would come when he had to choose between the job and the girl.

As we know, Jimmy and Mia developed a quick bond on the Yellowstone ranch. But when the time came for Jimmy to decide between his life with Mia and the potential that the Four Sixes offered, he struggled to determine the best choice.

During an interview with Screen Rant, White described just how taxing this “difficult decision” was on Jimmy.

“Well, it’s an incredibly difficult decision I would say, and it’s not really clear what the easier route is,” White explained. “Basically, he’s being asked to choose between his job and his girlfriend, which is a heartbreaking scenario that a lot of people face in their lives. ‘Hey, you got a great new job, it’s five states away, two time zones away, are we going to try to make this work?’ I think that’s an incredibly difficult situation that people find themselves in all the time. The experience of being an actor often means getting on a plane and flying two time zones, three time zones away from everybody you love, y’know?”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Finds Jimmy’s Difficult Moment ‘Relatable’

As someone who knows Jimmy Hurdstrom fairly well, Jefferson White empathizes with the Yellowstone character’s situation. With the pressure Jimmy received from Mia, it was heartbreaking to see Jimmy’s demeanor change.

“So, I found it a very relatable, difficult moment for Jimmy. And, I think to a certain extent, Mia made an ultimatum. She said, ‘If you go to Texas, it’s over’. And, I don’t think that Jimmy actually felt like he had a choice. He owed John Dutton hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills in addition to having seen anybody who wears the brand and betrays the Yellowstone being killed over the course of four seasons,” White said.

In the end, Jimmy felt that Mia had made this difficult decision for him, according to White. Not to mention, a pair of muscles called Rip Wheeler on the ranch also pushed Jimmy towards the Four Sixes. Thankfully, though, this turned out to be the best situation for the Yellowstone character.

“Once you’ve seen Rip shake somebody around you’re not very likely to go back on your employment contract at the Dutton Ranch,” White said. “So, y’know, I don’t that Jimmy really felt like he had a choice. I think he feels like Mia made the choice when she made that ultimatum.”

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